Big Compute 22

Big Compute was a virtual one-day event that brought together the community of scientists, engineers, and thought leaders that are building the future with cloud and virtually unlimited compute. You can browse all the content presented on the day which includes topics on HPC performance optimization, industry-specific computational pipelines, AI-assisted engineering, and sustainable computing strategies.

Keynote Address

The Keynote for Big Compute was presented by Joris Poort, CEO of Rescale with special guest Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA and included a message from Sir Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group. The video covers new advancements in computational engineering, product announcements from Rescale, NVIDIA, and VMware and what the future holds for digital R&D.

Presentations from Big Compute 22

Browse and watch all the content from Big Compute 22 on-demand

State of Cloud HPC Operations, Rescale
Cloud HPC Performance Optimization, Rescale
Applied AI/ML for Design & Engineering, Rescale
Driving Advancement in HPC, AMD
AI/Machine Learning & HPC, Ansys
Cloud Architectures Offer New Possibilities in HPC, ARM
Convergence of HPC, ML and the Cloud, AWS
Chips to Systems: The Role of Cloud and HPC, Cadence
Enabling The Simulation Multiverse, Convergent Science
Powering the Impossible, CPFD
Predictive, Real Time, Immersive, ESI Group
HPC Best Practices for Deploying to the Cloud, Google
How to Deliver on Smart Manufacturing, Hexagon
High Performance Computing & AI, Intel
HPC: Industry game changer, Microsoft Azure
Physics Based Digital Twins of Bioreactors, MSTAR
Emerging Architectures on Engineering & CFD, NASA
Deep-Learning Empowered Engineering, Neural Concept
Accelerating Innovation in HPC Software, NVIDIA
Simulation for a More Sustainable World, Siemens
Revolutionizing Weather Forecasting, TempoQuest
Doosan (English Subtitles)

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