Budget Your Simulation Costs on Rescale

The Budget feature
When you run simulations on Rescale, you may want to control your budgets and spending. For example, an individual user might want to set a budget cap on their jobs, or a company administrator may want to control the total spending for the whole company or a specific project.
Set budgets for yourself
As an individual user, you can set your own budget on your Settings page (click on your email in the top right corner of your Rescale account and select Settings). The currency is based on your account currency setting.
Set budgets for your company
As a company administrator, you can also specify your company’s budget on the Settings page of your company administration portal (if you are a company admin, you can click on your email in the top right corner of your Rescale account and select {Company} Administration). Once the budget is set, the remaining budget will also be shown at bottom right.
Set budgets for your a company project
You can also set the budget for a certain project on the Project settings page if you’re a company administrator.
To enable the project selection to appear during the job setup page for a user, you need to:
1. Add that user into a group on the Group settings page
2. Attach the group to the project in Project settings page
After that, that user will be able to select a project in the job setup page. (Note: Company administrator is able to select all company projects by default without any setup.)
How budgets work
Once the budget is set, all types of cost(i.e. hardware, software, data transfer, storage, and license proxy) of the budget level (i.e. user, company, or project) are monitored to ensure the budget is not exceeded. And currently, there is no timeframe for it, which means the cost from day one till now will all be included in the calculation. When you’re running low on budget, new jobs will be queued and the running jobs will be terminated.
Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 11.40.43 AM
When a job is queued because of a low budget, you can adjust your own budget or contact your company administrator if the project or company level budget needs to be adjusted. The queued jobs will start once the budget is sufficient.
Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 11.45.06 AM
It should be noted that running jobs will be terminated if they exceed the budget.
Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 12.03.02 PM
Budgets were introduced to help control your simulation cost. A budget can be set at the user, company, and/or project level. Running low on a budget may result in your new jobs getting queued or running jobs getting terminated, so choose your budget wisely.
For questions about setting budgets or for more information, please contact Rescale at info@rescale.com.

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