Empowering the Consultancy Portfolio

Whether by phone, live chat, or email, Rescale gets called upon daily to respond to critical computational problems from consulting engineers whose services are employed by customers in aerospace, automotive, energy, biological sciences, consumer products, and industrial engineering, among others. Calls come in from engineers and scientists around the globe who are in need of immediate consultation on how to solve their computationally-intensive simulation resource requirements.
Rescale’s engineers quickly and accurately help the consultant configure their compute and software resources to meet time-critical project deadlines. This is an important differentiator for the consultancy—a support capability that is a function of Rescale’s expertise across vertical use cases. What emerges as a result is the ability of a consultancy to carry a reliable cloud simulation solution in its customer-facing services portfolio.
Rescale offers the engineering consultancy practice a critical compute/IT orientation that is closely coupled with its software vendor affiliations. At Rescale, hundreds of CAE applications have been pre-tested and validated as customer-ready through our close working relationships with key software vendors and their customers. The ability to reconcile application and CPU requirements has long been a challenge that small to medium consultancies have previously not had in their tool kit.
Serving the OEM community in automotive, aerospace, and electronic design automation, the highly-skilled consultancy finds at Rescale a team that speaks its language. In fact, many of Rescale’s customers are themselves both developers and publishers of solvers and optimizers that imbed specific efficiencies within the larger ISV workflow. Having the ability to perform complex integrated solutions is a major resource for the consultant. Some consultancies historically have emerged from academia with code born in the computer software labs and then grown into successful companies—managed and staffed by Ph.D-level engineers who understand the problem sets of their focused solutions. Some of these companies are among the elite of CAE ISVs today having grown over the last 20+ years. Mating their expertise with Rescale’s core competencies is a powerful formula for customer success.
To be less generic, over the last four weeks we have worked with over 40 established or emerging developer/consultancies. There is really no established moniker for this category of engineering enterprise – they thrive in the U.S., Korea, Japan, Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, India, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil–the list goes on.  They all share one thing in common, their model sizes, unique customer simulation workloads, and opportunity exceeds dramatically their ability to scale quickly given their local access to compute resources. They and their clientele are among the “under-served”–meaning their needs include expanding the scale for critical modeling and simulation workloads with the clock ticking in hyper-time.  Rescale can instantly addresses demanding customer scalability requirements.
Rescale allows developer/consultancy practices the ability to go to market with a wide range of customizable, scalable, simulation resources—both for jobs being run internally for their own development, jobs run on behalf of customers, or for proposals they deliver to customers to win additional business. Rescale provides a tool set that brings greater elasticity and value to the consulting practice and spawns net new license adoption. If your company is oriented around these requirements–we look forward to speaking with you.
If you’d like to learn more about Rescale, please contact info@rescale.com.

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