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From Concept to Cosmos: Rescale’s Role in Advancing Space Technology

Rescale’s Innovative Platform for Product Development and Additive Manufacturing in Orbit

Rescale has created a highly compliant platform that will allow people exploring space technologies to develop new products, enhance current products for longer lifespans, and give access to additive manufacturing developments in orbit. 

Specifically, Rescale created a technology that connects a vast ecosystem of infrastructure, software, and AI-enhanced methods to look at a real-life physical product, understand the history of how it was developed, the benefits and challenges that product has faced, and create a more advanced product for the future to better suit the national interest in advancement in space.  As additive manufacturing begins to take shape outside  of the atmosphere, Rescale will allow engineers to develop a product in a short timeline leveraging cloud infrastructure and AI methods, then send those details to a physical manufacturing machine in space to produce that product for mission success.

Transitioning from Traditional Methods to an End-to-End Ecosystem in the US Space Industry 

Today, the US Government and Space Industry companies are using traditional ways to develop products, such as buying on-premise infrastructure, gathering requirements, creating conceptual designs, beginning digital design exploration, running iterations based on the infrastructure and software that is available, and then finally, deciding on a design to manufacture. This process can take years, starting with a 12-18 month timeline to set up an on-premise data center or cloud that is specific to the project’s needs and many more months of design iterations.

History has shown that engineers use hardware to accelerate portions of their process; however, they are limited in design space and scale. Engineers typically work on specific product components and later connect the tissue of the entire deliverable to understand the functionality. Moreover, the conventional process operates in a siloed fashion, and the byproduct of that is a phased approach to digital development. To gain a competitive advantage, organizations need to adopt a development ecosystem that acts as a fabric end-to-end.

Rescales Approach to Revolutionizing the Government Space Industry 

Rescale has established a foundational platform based on key pillars – Open Ecosystem, Infrastructure, AI enablement, and Security.

Open Ecosystem

Rescale has over 1000+ established partnerships amongst on-premise, cloud, and software partners that enable users to connect to disparate data sources and access all simulation software, including government-restricted codes like NASA Fun3D, Cart3D, CREATE, AFSIM, and more. Organizations require multiple data devices within their technology stacks, like Data Lakes, Data Warehouses, and Analytic Databases. They also require different flavors of data access, ranging from hot storage to cold storage to file systems. Enabling access to these resources for engineers when they need them significantly reduces bespoke requests to IT and eliminates lag time in action. As the world of artificial intelligence has developed, having the right resources at your fingertips is paramount. Additionally, organizations typically have multiple simulation software tools spanning many disciplines. Ensuring the engineers have the right software at their disposal whenever needed is important.


There has been great debate over high-performance computing between on-premise and cloud. Both sides of the conversation hold merit; however, many practitioners find that a hybrid approach based on the organizational requirements best suits their needs. Notably, the consideration must be focused on pairing the correct infrastructure to the type of work the project calls for. In modeling and simulation workflows, different studies need different characteristics from infrastructure; think of this in terms of memory, bandwidth, interconnect, and more. An analogy to daily life is how engines in vehicles require different gasoline or oil to run and last efficiently. A proper mix of infrastructure between on-premise and cloud is optimal for mission success and total cost of ownership. 

AI-Enabled Engineering

Artificial intelligence is a broad term encompassing Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and Deep Learning – in that order. Research and development, and specifically, work related to physics, is in the nascent stages. That said, Rescale has positioned itself as a foundational platform to fit into a data strategy, develop and access synthetic data, and connect with traditional software solvers to run verification that allows engineers to see the accuracy of the neural network models that they used to run what is called “inference” against. Compared to traditional computer-aided engineering (CAE) modeling and simulation processes, AI-enabled workflows allow engineers to explore vastly larger design spaces in a fraction of the time – up to 1000X faster. Coupled with AI physics, work needs a controlled environment that provides connective tissue across a matrix of data sources, infrastructures, software, and users. Rescale is uniquely positioned as the platform to accelerate the adoption of physics-related AI work.


The US Government and its partners are committed to the safety and security of our nation as well as advancing our technological standing globally. This mission does not come without heavy consideration of security restrictions. The government has carefully created various protocols to ensure the sanctity of data and technology resources. For commercial companies to work with the government, they must go through thorough vetting and process to receive accreditation. Rescale is the only FedRamp moderate High-Performance Computing platform today. The Rescale platform complies with ITAR requirements, ISO 27001, SOC II, NIST 800 -171, HIPAA, and more. Currently, Rescale has a secured sponsor and is pursuing an IL5 accreditation. The platform is built on the premise of security, and all development is done with security at the forefront of our business.

The Future of Empowering Government Space and Defense 

Government agencies and partners looking to advance space and defense technologies have an opportunity to adopt fast-paced and secure technologies to enhance the United States’ global positioning. Rescale’s platform is the ideal partner for this mission. Rescale’s high-performance computing environment can be up and running in 3-4 weeks for a greater amount and advanced development of mission-critical products. Rescale allows large defense primes, space organizations, and government entities to competitively pursue government requirements with high accuracy by demonstrating capabilities through digital development. This is a low-cost and low-risk approach to gaining a global competitive edge – we have entered a new era of advancement. Building capabilities from the foundation and then building up the stack with a binding technology is the most effective way to avoid legacy systems that continually have lagged and slowed our advancement in space and defense. This marks a new era of advancement, avoiding legacy systems and propelling space and defense capabilities forward.

See How Rescale Has Helped Customers In the Aerospace Industry

Over the past few years, Rescale has had the privilege to help several customers in aerospace. One of our customers Benchmark Space Systems, develops unique propulsion technology to economically move satellites into more advantageous orbits after being launched into space by larger rockets. During their simulations, they were able to cut simulation time over 85% with Rescale
Or take a look at how Firefly Aerospace was able to use the Rescale platform to help with its computational efforts.

Explore Rescale’s Cloud-Based Solutions for Next-Gen Space Exploration


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