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Introducing Rescale Insight: Enterprise HPC Tools for the Modern Age

Enterprises are embracing the instant scalability and performance of cloud-based simulations to accelerate the time-to-value of new product innovations. However, technology leaders in these enterprises face another challenge as they begin to scale: how do they maintain architectural, financial, and security control without slowing their researchers and engineers?
To help technology leaders tackle these challenges, Rescale is excited to introduce Rescale Insight – a suite of business management features for HPC operations. Rescale Insight enables technology and business leaders to empower their engineering teams, while retaining financial and architectural controls with government-grade security including ITAR compliance and FedRAMP In-Process status.
Rescale Insight capabilities focus on five core areas: 

  1. Financial controls: Maintain financial transparency, monitor spend, and set budgetary controls.
  2. Security and access controls: Ensure compliance with best-in-class governance and encryption to maintain security in multi-cloud operations.
  3. Software and licensing controls: Manage a complex portfolio of vendor applications, and optimize license use with great flexibility.
  4. Infrastructure Architecture controls: Develop a portfolio of the latest architecture options to optimize cost and performance for your workloads.
  5. Multi-Team controls: Empower teams with delegated administration, project management and sharing capabilities.

Financial Controls 

While new cloud-based infrastructure and on-demand software provide unprecedented scale and availability to engineers, the implications can be expensive for organizations if strong financial management practices are not in place. 
Rescale Insight offers administrators the ability to set budgetary controls for projects, teams or individual users in order to flexibly allocate spend. Additionally with detailed billing summaries and the Economics Dashboard, IT Leaders and HPC Managers can achieve full economic visibility and transparency of their HPC use across the entire enterprise.
economic dashboard

Security and Access Controls 

Ensuring compliance and security in multi-cloud operations is critical due to the gravity of potential consequences for employees, organizations, and even national security. Rescale is the first cloud HPC company to obtain the FedRAMP In-Process status, along with ITAR compliance levels, and industry security standards including SOC 2, CSA, and HIPAA.
Rescale Insight provides IT administrators with enterprise-grade access controls including Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication, custom password policies, and IP access rules along with comprehensive event and data audit trails allowing you to drill down into user activity. The Security Dashboard gives administrators a unified view into their organization’s access, activity, administration and security posture.
Security Dashboard feature set

Software and Licensing Controls 

Managing HPC applications is a complex problem for engineering organizations due to the extensive permutations of vendors, softwares, versions, and licensing options involved in the design, optimization and validation of applied engineering products.
Rescale Insight simplifies managing and curating a portfolio of commercial, open-source, and proprietary software for each of your organization’s teams. Rescale gives your organization the capability to connect to your existing license servers, bring-your-own license, or use on-demand licensing. With license access controls your organization can optimize license utilization while reducing queue times.

Infrastructure Architecture Controls 

Enterprises embracing the world of cloud HPC infrastructures know that choosing between cloud service providers and an array of hardware configurations can be exciting due to its great potential yet overwhelming to manage. 
Rescale Insight offers engineering organizations control over which architectures to make accessible to each of their teams, from over 50+ specialized configurations including the latest and most performant hardware from cloud providers and datacenters. Organizations can monitor hardware use, and optimize their portfolios to deliver the best price-performance for their engineering workloads.

Multi-Team Controls 

Every enterprise has a unique organizational structure, set of teams, and governing processes. As organizations scale it becomes difficult to maintain a structured environment while maintaining global visibility, consistency, and collaboration for functional teams and business units.
Rescale Insight empowers your enterprise organization’s teams using Workspaces. With delegated administration, managers can define their team’s policies and unique portfolio of software, hardware and services, all while adhering to enterprise-wide policies. Each team can manage their groups, projects and resources while collaborating within sharing guidelines to help them work seamlessly.

To learn more about how the Rescale Insight business management suite can help you take control of your cloud HPC operations, visit www.rescale.com/Rescale Insight or request a demo.

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