JL & Associates Utilizes Rescale To Expedite Oil Boiling CFD Analysis

Customer Challenge:
JL & A, a business and engineering consultancy firm based in Colorado, was looking to utilize multiphase CFD analysis for modeling boiling oil (C12H26).  Their main goal was to achieve steady state convergence which required 23k Iterations @ ~20 sec/It.  The resource demands of this analysis would completely monopolize the company’s analysis licensed PC, rendering it unusable for over a week which led JL & A to look for a solution that would be both cost-effective and allow them to get the work they needed to be done quickly without sacrificing their local resources.
Results Achieved:
Running these analyses on the Rescale platform solved this problem.  By uploading the analysis to Resale’s platform which enabled them to instantly scale up to 48 cores, Rescale reduced the time required to run the analysis from 5.3 days to a minuscule 12 hours.  This both increased productivity and allowed JLA the ability to use internal PC resources to advance other projects in a timely fashion.
“Utilizing Rescale’s software enabled JLA’s engineering and CPU resources to remain available for additional projects while the analysis was easily monitored in the background.” – Josh Taylor, President
JL & Associates entrusts Rescale to provide a secure, financially-competitive, and efficient computing system capable of handling even the most challenging analyses.  Using the Star-CCM+ license with the natively integrated solvers, JL & Associates is able to easily finish and present complex analyses faster than using internal computer resources.
Josh Taylor, Mechanical Engineer and acting president of JL & Associates LLC, possesses over 17 years of experience in diversified engineering and analysis of products and processes involving start-up and well-established organizations.  His experience is substantiated with an MBA and BSME from Westminster College and The University of Utah.  His entire professional career has been in the development and commercialization of revolutionary services and products within the aerospace, oil & gas, medical, military, industrial, composites, consumer product, & academic industries.
About JL & Associates:
JL & Associates is a full-service business and engineering consultancy firm, not limited to industry boundaries.  For more information, visit  www.jl-associates.com
About Rescale:
Rescale is the world’s leading cloud platform provider of simulation software and high performance computing (HPC) solutions. Rescale’s platform solutions are deployed securely and seamlessly to enterprises via a web-based application environment powered by preeminent simulation software providers and backed by the largest commercially available HPC infrastructure.  Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Rescale’s customers include global Fortune 500 companies in the aerospace, automotive, life sciences, marine, consumer products, and energy sectors.  For more information on Rescale products and services, visit www.rescale.com.

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