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Patient-specific hemodynamics on the cloud with VMTKLab and Rescale

Orobix is excited to announce the availability of a new cloud-based computational hemodynamics module for its VMTKLab application that will be released on September, 20th. The module is powered by Rescale, the world’s leading cloud platform for simulation software and high performance computing (HPC) solutions.
VMTKLab is an application dedicated to patient-specific computational hemodynamics used by clinical researchers and biomedical engineers. Until today, VMTKLab offered streamlined workflows to create patient-specific simulations of blood flow in arteries, from the generation of 3D models from medical imaging data to the analysis of vascular anatomy, including mesh generation and post-processing of hemodynamic data.  The actual simulation was left to our users, which created friction for the adoption of computational hemodynamics in clinical research, especially in the context of large-scale studies.
Today, thanks to the partnership with Rescale, we are proud to offer an end-to-end experience for patient-specific computational hemodynamics, including the ability to launch simulations on Rescale’s platform to leverage Rescale’s powerful, on-demand hardware options.  With the new cloud-based CFD module, users can seamlessly specify boundary conditions and simulation parameters and submit and manage a large number of jobs directly from within VMTKLab.  Thanks to Rescale, there are no limits to the number of concurrent simulations that our users will be able to launch, effectively enabling large-scale clinical research, and, enabling a fast turnaround time between patient enrollment and hemodynamic characterization.
At this time, VMTKLab will offer the possibility to run simulations on dGetto.  The solver relies on a state-of-the-art fully-coupled discontinuous Galerkin formulation (doi:10.1016/j.jcp.2006.03.006) and an agglomeration based multigrid solution strategy (doi:10.1142/S0218202514400028).  dGetto has been optimized for internal flows and is known to introduce a small amount of numerical diffusion, even at moderate mesh densities in convection dominated flow regimes.  dGetto provides arbitrarily high order accurate spatial approximations and second order accurate adaptive time integration for both velocity and pressure.  With dGetto, we are aiming at providing a robust, reliable solver to our clinical research users.
Thanks to the partnership with Rescale, we believe VMTKLab is now uniquely positioned in supporting the adoption of computational approaches by clinical researchers in the vascular domain.
VMTKLab is available on (vmtklab.orobix.com) at only 39€ and supports MS Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
To learn more about how to use VMTKLab to create computational models of patient-specific hemodynamics and run them on the Rescale platform, we will offer a free webinar on September 28th, 2016 at 8 AM PDT / 5 PM CEST.
Participants will be walked through a complete case, from medical images to simulation and post-processing.
Simone Manini – Orobix
Phone: +39 0350170561; E-mail: simone.manini@orobix.com
Sarah Dietz – Rescale, Inc.
Phone 855-737-2253 ; E-mail: info@rescale.com
About Orobix:
Orobix engineers artificial intelligence and computational modeling systems to solve real-world problems in multiple industries, such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, manufacturing and services. Its clients span from large corporations to small enterprises and research institutions.  It is headquartered in Bergamo, Italy.
About Rescale:
Rescale is the world’s leading cloud platform provider of simulation software and high performance computing (HPC) solutions.  Rescale’s platform solutions are deployed securely and seamlessly to enterprises via a web-based application environment powered by preeminent simulation software providers and backed by the largest commercially available HPC infrastructure.  Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Rescale’s customers include global Fortune 500 companies in the aerospace, automotive, life sciences, marine, consumer products, and energy sectors.  For more information on Rescale products and services, visit www.rescale.com

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