Rescale Announces Partnership with Vanderplaats Research & Development, Inc. (VR&D)

San Francisco, CA – Rescale and VR&D are announcing a strategic partnership to provide users of VR&D’s design optimization software suite the ability to run their analyses in the cloud using Rescale’s end-to-end, web-based platform.
“VR&D is a globally recognized leader in design optimization technologies. As a technology partner, we look forward to helping their users unleash the full potential of VR&D’s powerful software by running their optimizations and finite element analyses on Rescale,” said Rescale CEO Joris Poort.
Rescale provides a comprehensive suite of features – on-demand access to high-performance computing, full integration with simulation and design optimization tools such as VR&D GENESIS, and an intuitive user interface, all delivered through any web browser. In addition, Rescale also adheres to the highest industry standards for security at every level of the Rescale experience; engineers can transfer, manage and store data with the utmost confidence. Interested customers can approach Rescale directly for more information on running pilot projects with on-demand pricing.
Juan-Pablo Leiva, President and COO of VR&D, explained, “Rescale has already completed successful commercial projects for very sophisticated customers using VR&D software. We are impressed with their business model and their technical capabilities. Through this partnership, we are giving our customers easy access to the on-demand computing capabilities of Rescale, which is a win-win situation.”
For more information about Rescale, VR&D, and GENESIS:
About Rescale:
Rescale provides a secure, pay-per-use, web-based platform that helps engineers and scientists build, compute, and analyze large simulations on demand. Incorporated in 2011, Rescale is located in San Francisco, CA and works with customers in the aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, and life sciences industries.
About VR&D:
Vanderplaats Research & Development, Inc., (VR&D) was founded by Dr. Garret N. Vanderplaats in 1984 for the advancement of numerical optimization in industry. VR&D software enables engineers and scientists to efficiently analyze, design and improve structures and processes. It is used by automotive, aerospace and energy companies and academic institutions around the world. In addition, VR&D offers engineering services to assist clients with their optimization tasks. For more information, visit

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