Rescale Announces Strategic and Technology Partnership with Convergent Science, Inc.

San Francisco, CA – Rescale and Convergent Science are pleased to announce a strategic and technology partnership that will provide users of CONVERGE™ CFD software the ability to run their simulations in the cloud with pay-per-use pricing using Rescale’s end-to-end, web-based simulation platform. In conjunction with the partnership, Convergent Science is also introducing CONVERGE™ in the cloud pricing, a highly flexible option designed to offer customers the most scalability for the best possible value.”
“Many of our customers are running increasingly complex CFD analyses using CONVERGE™. As a result, they are demanding highly scalable computing and licensing solutions. Rescale is the perfect partner – they provide a turnkey solution geared towards engineers and scientists. We have been working with Rescale for some time now on various customer projects, and we are very excited to make this partnership official and announce CONVERGE™ in the cloud pricing,” noted Rob Kaczmarek, Director of Sales and Marketing for Convergent Science.
Rescale provides a comprehensive suite of features – on-demand access to high-performance computing, full integration with simulation tools such as CONVERGE™, and an intuitive user interface – all delivered through any web browser. In addition, Rescale also adheres to the highest industry standards for security at every level of the Rescale experience; engineers can transfer, manage and store data with the utmost confidence. Interested customers should approach Rescale directly for more information on running projects with CONVERGE™ in the cloud pricing.
“CONVERGE™ is a powerful CFD software tool that eliminates the user time needed to generate a mesh. We are thrilled to partner with them to help customers run CFD analyses on-demand in the cloud. No more computing or licensing bottlenecks means that CONVERGE users have an unprecedented amount of freedom when it comes to running CFD analyses,” said Rescale CEO Joris Poort.
For more information about Rescale, Convergent Science, and CONVERGE™ CFD:
Convergent Science:
About Rescale:
Rescale provides a secure, pay-per-use, web-based platform that helps engineers and scientists build, compute, and analyze large simulations on demand. Incorporated in 2011, Rescale is located in San Francisco, CA and works with customers in the aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, and life sciences industries.
About Convergent Science:
Convergent Science Inc. and its software CONVERGE™ are revolutionizing the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) industry. CONVERGE™, is a CFD software package that is changing how fluid dynamics modeling is being used by engineers, researchers and designers. With CONVERGE™, the traditional CFD bottlenecks of grid generation has been completely removed from the CFD workflow, allowing users to spend more time analyzing their simulations.

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