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Rescale Enables Faster Time to Market for Nissan

Leading automotive company selects Rescale’s ScaleX platform on AWS to increase innovation and engineering capabilities
San Francisco, CA, June 12, 2019 – Rescale, the leader in enterprise big compute in the cloud, today announced that Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. selected Rescale and AWS to extend its fixed on-premise high performance computing (HPC) systems to the cloud.
Nissan sought a solution to support its massive simulation needs requiring unlimited computing capabilities. With Rescale and AWS, Nissan changed to a fully integrated production hybrid environment in the cloud to deliver its high-quality products on time. The automaker is transforming HPC in automotive with its in-production use in the cloud to increase its innovation and engineering capabilities.
“Automotive companies are under pressure to remain flexible and agile as innovations impact and disrupt the market,” said Joris Poort, CEO, Rescale. “Leading companies need to dynamically access computing resources to match their increasing simulation requirements in order to test and launch new products. Rescale is transforming how today’s leading enterprises innovate and deploy their digital transformation strategy. It is exciting to see that our hybrid platform on AWS will help Nissan immediately reduce time to market for their newest innovations, while getting access to unlimited computing resources on demand.”
Nissan experienced an immediate positive impact upon implementing Rescale’s platform on AWS, integrated by ISID. In less than three months, the global organization was in a fully integrated production hybrid environment with the ability to run hundreds of jobs using thousands of CPU cores per hour in the cloud to support their massive simulation needs to deliver high-quality products on time. In addition, their development productivity increased because their engineers were no longer waiting for resources to become available, and because Rescale’s platform continuously offered the latest computing technology.
“The challenges we faced at Nissan revolved around managing our in-house HPC system alongside keeping up with the latest technology innovations needed to meet market demands,” said Seiji Kawachiya, General Manager of Engineering and Quality System Department, Nissan. “We selected the Rescale ScaleX® platform running on AWS because it enables a smooth transition into a cloud environment, resulting in Nissan being able to run hundreds of simulations with on-demand agility and flexibility, without exhausting capacity, to accelerate innovation.” Nissan was also able to achieve these performance enhancements with an improved cost compared to their previous on-premise computing systems.
Nissan chose Rescale for their journey to the cloud for their overall HPC system because of the cloud expertise, improved total cost of computing, and hybrid model approach. The hybrid approach will allow for an overall smoother transition from an on-premise HPC environment to a cloud HPC environment.
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