Rescale Joins NVIDIA Partner Network, Launches NVIDIA on Rescale Test Drive Program

Rescale and NVIDIA are pioneering high performance computing in the cloud to power AI innovation

Rescale, the leader in high performance computing (HPC) built for the cloud, has joined the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) as a preferred partner. The network includes top independent software vendors, cloud service providers, and channel partners in the fields of AI, deep learning, HPC, and data analytics, all working to create the next generation of computing advancements.

Rescale’s inclusion in the NPN comes as a result of the company’s long-standing collaboration with NVIDIA, which began in 2019 as a member of NVIDIA Inception, a free program designed to support startups. It continued with Rescales’s commitment to leveraging NVIDIA’s accelerated hardware and software solutions to provide its customers with the best possible HPC and AI experiences for industrial, scientific, and engineering computing.

Rescale’s cloud-based platform helps engineers and scientists run simulations, modeling applications, and AI frameworks on-demand, using scalable cloud computing resources that are tuned to meet their specific needs.

Rescale Customer Experience Enhanced with Support from the NVIDIA Partner Network

From close collaboration with NVIDIA through the partner program, Rescale can use the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform and GPU-accelerated hardware like the NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU in the cloud, which are optimized for HPC and AI workloads.

GPU acceleration can dramatically speed up complex simulations, helping organizations lower their energy consumption, be more productive, and build better products. Additionally, the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software stack provides Rescale customers with access to over 100 frameworks, pre-trained models, and development tools for deep learning, AI, and data analytics, all of which are integrated seamlessly into the Rescale platform.

NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU

“Joining the NVIDIA Partner Network is a significant milestone for Rescale,” says Ethan Rasa, vice president of global technology alliances at Rescale. “NVIDIA’s powerful GPU hardware and software development kits are an essential part of our HPC platform, and we are thrilled to be working closely with NVIDIA to deliver the best possible experience to our mutual customers.”

Rescale’s inclusion in the NPN brings it access to NVIDIA’s extensive marketing and sales channels, which will help it reach more customers and expand its business. The network provides a range of resources and tools for partners, including training, marketing support, and access to NVIDIA’s global customer-facing field teams.

“HPC and AI will transform the world by helping address some of our most challenging problems,” says Dion Harris, lead product manager of Accelerated Computing at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA partners with HPC pioneers such as Rescale to equip a new wave of researchers to tackle next-generation HPC workloads that push the boundaries of innovation.”

The collaboration with NVIDIA comes at a time when demand for HPC and AI is skyrocketing across industries.

Companies and public sector organizations in fields such as aerospace, automotive, life sciences, manufacturing, and semiconductor are increasingly turning to HPC to accelerate product development, improve simulation speed and accuracy, and gain insights from massive amounts of data.

Rescale’s cloud-based platform, combined with NVIDIA accelerated computing and software tools, provides a powerful combination that can meet the needs of even the most demanding organization.

Rescale Launches NVIDIA on Rescale Test Drive Program

Today, Rescale is also announcing a new NVIDIA on Rescale Test Drive trial experience program available to organizations who want to see the power of GPU-accelerated HPC workflows for themselves. They can test for different computational analysis, including computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, molecular dynamics, electromagnet simulations, electronic design automation, and many others.

With 1,000+ HPC simulation and AI frameworks and hundreds of cloud hardware options pre-configured and available on Rescale’s turnkey platform, the NVIDIA on Rescale Test Drive program allows R&D teams to explore the latest NVIDIA technologies without having to manually set up or manage hardware, software, or workflows themselves.

New Rescale customers can apply for up to one week of free NVIDIA GPU-accelerated hardware on Rescale, provided by Rescale’s cloud service provider partners Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

To apply for the NVIDIA on Rescale Test Drive program, please contact or visit or NVIDIA partnership page


  • Kevin Cangemi

    Kevin Cangemi is a Principal on the Strategic Partnerships & Alliances team at Rescale. He leads strategic new ecosystem development programs like AI/ML for R&D at Rescale, and he manages strategic technology and go-to-market partnerships across Rescale's Independent Software Vendor, Cloud Service Providers, and Semiconductor partner ecosystems. Prior to joining Rescale, Kevin led business development, M&A, corporate strategy, and strategic finance for ecommerce companies. Kevin earned an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

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