Rescale Releases New, Lower HPC Hardware Pricing

February 2, 2015 – San Francisco, CA. Today, Rescale releases lower pricing across its high performance computing (HPC) cloud hardware.  This price change will be effective immediately for all customers.  The cloud simulation platform provider has dropped prices on average by 40% and now offers increased accessibility to budget-restricted projects – while maintaining its position as the most competitive enterprise HPC platform solution in the market.

With the price decrease, comes the release of new, higher performing hardware with the availability of Intel’s new Haswell processors – the Rescale “Onyx” hardware configuration. For certain applications, users can expect over 20% increase in performance of their simulations.
In addition to new pricing, users will also see a new naming schema for Rescale’s HPC and GPU hardware. The naming selection is designed to provide users a broader selection and increased flexibility across multiple similar hardware solutions. The added granularity for hardware types will further allow users to select the best hardware configuration for each simulation.
Rescale maintains the largest global footprint of high performance computing hardware specifically designed for computer aided engineering simulations and analyses. Engineers and scientists around the world utilize Rescale’s cloud simulation platform to lead the market with innovative designs and products.
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