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Rescale’s 2021 Year in Review

As we kick off the new year, we would like to take a moment to look back on the achievements of our customers and the advancements made by scientists, engineers, and innovators on Rescale.  The way many of us work and access the tools we need to do our jobs and collaborate has changed drastically.  Rescale customers have been resilient in spirit and in their ability to innovate from anywhere.

Our customers are truly building the future and we are delighted to be the partner of choice to support them in achieving their respective missions.  

This year, our customers are innovating faster than ever and delivering some incredible results across industries:

  • Aerospace – Engineers at Vertical Aerospace are bringing electrified urban air travel to major airlines and Firefly Aerospace has already begun launching rockets to democratize access to space and orbit.
  • Automotive – R&D teams at Canoo are designing a range of vehicles to make electrified and autonomous vehicles accessible to more consumers while Arrival is revolutionizing manufacturing for their fleet of electrified cargo and ridesharing vehicles.
  • Energy – Accelerating the shift to more efficient and sustainable energy, teams at NOV are investing in new technologies to enhance oil and gas and new renewable energy sources while Kairos Power is building the future of safe and smaller-scale nuclear power.
  • Life Sciences – Improving access and speed of genomics and pharmaceutical research, expanding the research capabilities for scientists at Bionano and leveraging AI for R&D techniques at AZothBio, delivering personalized treatments and new medications. 
  • Manufacturing – As next-gen product development spurs new R&D techniques like AI/ML and digital twins, engineers at Exponent and KineticVision are testing product designs for consumer safety and optimizing global supply chains for peak efficiency. 
  • Semiconductor – Meeting the rising global demand for faster and more diverse computing architectures, organizations like Samsung are empowering the fabless ecosystem to develop new chips and electronics.

We continue to support our customers in their digital transformation to develop new more sustainable, efficient, and safer products.  It’s an exciting time in our space as The New York Times highlighted some of our industry transformation going mainstream earlier in 2021, highlighting Rescale as “the dominant player in the field” supporting this shift, enabling customers with the tooling to accelerate innovation.

The future of accelerating innovation through computing in R&D is transforming where the most advanced technologies are going mainstream to enable:

  • Accelerate time to market: Evaluating new designs through cloud-based simulation instead of physical prototyping can dramatically accelerate how quickly companies are able to commercialize new product innovations.
  • Digital twins: Simulating a product’s interaction with real-world scenarios is critical when physical prototyping is impractical.
  • Combine AI/ML with simulation: Simulations can not only predict how a single human-designed product might perform, but it can also predict the performance of a full range of potential designs. 
  • New computation-enabled products or services: Cloud’s scale and connected nature create new possibilities for science and engineering.

These trends were further highlighted in the Harvard Business Review article on How Cloud-Based Supercomputing Is Changing R&D.

Significant new funding of over $100M was raised this past year to help make platform investments and enable new use cases, led by collaboration and vision of customers.  We further invested in our platform to deliver on our promises of helping customers accelerate their scientific and engineering discoveries, modernize their digital strategies, and manage their computing teams efficiently and securely.  Remaining focused on our customers, we invested in building foundational and transformative product capabilities while simultaneously expanding our software portfolio to 800+ applications and infrastructure portfolio to 150+ hardware architectures, empowering organizations to drastically increase their return on investment in cloud and engineering.

We partnered with leading technology providers to unlock new computation, simulation, cloud, and AI capabilities.  Expanding on our leading global partner network by adding the latest hardware and capabilities available from AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud, we aim to fully empower customers with the best resources they need to succeed.  Rescale also announced our exciting new partnership with Riken and Fugaku to provide access to the world’s most powerful supercomputer from anywhere in the world.

Despite the challenging environment in working through a global pandemic, we have been inspired by our customers, partners, and team in how they’ve shown resilience and grit in bringing about new growth and opportunities in our rapidly changing world.  No matter the stage of computing or digital R&D maturity, customers achieved new outcomes like improved efficiencies and productivity, accelerated initiatives, reduced the barriers to innovation, making the impossible possible.

Our industry is undergoing exciting transformation, including:

  • Cloud adoption is accelerating across the enterprise to support digital transformation initiatives, driving the shift from on-premise data centers to the cloud.
  • The slowdown of Moore’s law is increasing our reliance on specialized and customized hardware for computing, resulting in further fragmentation of hardware technology.
  • Applied AI for R&D is becoming critical to the products and solutions built by companies that lead in R&D, further increasing complexity of software toolchains and computing demands.

These secular trends disrupt the traditional model of computing and provide compelling opportunities for innovation in computing.  Our team is incredibly excited to continue to build the future of computing and deliver new solutions and opportunities for value creation for our customers and partners.

As we look forward, we remain inspired by the many accomplishments of our customers, partners, and team, in our mutual goal of accelerating innovation and building a better future together faster.

Joris Poort

Founder & CEO


  • Joris Poort

    Joris is CEO and is responsible for leading the management team at Rescale. Prior to founding Rescale, Joris worked for McKinsey & Company on product development engagements in the high-tech sector. Joris began his career at Boeing, where he worked for four years as a structural and software engineer on the 787 program, optimizing the design of the tail and wings. Joris holds an M.B.A. with distinction from Harvard Business School, an M.S. in Aeronautics and Astronautics magna cum laude from the University of Washington, and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and minor in Applied Mathematics magna cum laude from the University of Michigan.

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