ScaleX Enterprise: Enabling CIO’s and IT Leaders to Unleash Innovation

After two years of development and incubation, we are very excited about the launch of Rescale’s ScaleX Enterprise platform in May.  This solution was built with the goal to provide IT leaders and managers with the tools to fully leverage the efficiency and financial advantages of a cloud simulation platform and HPC infrastructure. We’ve combined our award-winning cloud simulation platform with key enterprise capabilities yielding the ideal HPC environment for organizations looking to transform and integrate their on-premise infrastructure with the cloud.
A few of the key features of ScaleX Enterprise are:

  • Consolidated Platform–  ScaleX Enterprise provides a unified environment with an intuitive interface that allows companies to access both on-premise and cloud simulation resources in one place. The platform can also be natively integrated with existing schedulers, creating a more efficient and scalable workflow for users.
  • Admin Panel– IT leaders are given complete administrative control through the ScaleX Enterprise admin panel where they can create and administer accounts by users, groups, and role-based permissions.  Security is heightened through centralized access control and usage and resource monitoring also allows for improved budgeting and more accurate project planning.
  • Remote Visualization– Our new Desktops feature gives you the ability to perform remote visualization in the cloud through a standard Internet connection, allowing you to visualize your 2D/3D results with interactive performance.
  • Instant access to unlimited hardware and software– Our collaboration with software partners and infrastructure providers around the world allows us to provide a scalable, pay-as-you-go cloud environment that yields better results in less time

ScaleX Enterprise enables CIO and IT leaders to transform and expand their existing HPC environment, giving engineers and scientists access to the unlimited resources available through Rescale’s simulation platform, while still maintaining administrative control.  This agile and seamless solution ensures that your organization stays on the leading edge of innovation with increased efficiency, enhanced product development, and accelerated time to market.
For more information on how ScaleX Enterprise can transform your IT organization please don’t hesitate to contact our team for a consultation at

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