Rescale Launches ScaleX Enterprise for Turn-Key Deployment of Cloud HPC and Simulation Platform

New platform solution empowers CIOs and IT professionals to transform legacy on-premise systems into an agile HPC environment that accelerates time to market and drives product innovation
San Francisco, May 18, 2015 – Rescale, an industry leader in computer aided engineering (CAE) simulation and high performance computing (HPC), announced availability today of the innovative cloud HPC and simulation solution ScaleXTM Enterprise.
ScaleX Enterprise is Rescale’s secure and flexible solution for enterprise companies, combining its award-winning engineering simulation platform with a powerful administrative portal and comprehensive developer toolkit. ScaleX Enterprise is designed for CIOs and IT professionals to instantly and securely deploy elastic hardware and software resources, supplementing their  existing on-premise computing infrastructure while maintaining full control across the entire IT stack.
“Today, a responsive IT environment is critical to support the dramatically increasing and highly variable user demand for simulation,” said Joris Poort, CEO of Rescale. “ScaleX Enterprise makes it possible for CIOs and IT professionals to effectively transform their legacy on-premise IT infrastructure into a dynamic environment that is high performing, scalable, and secure, further improving the business bottom line with better products and accelerating the time to market.”
“The powerful combination of Rescale’s ScaleX Enterprise platform and NVIDIA GPUs will dramatically improve simulation performance for engineers and scientists,” says Jeff Herbst, Vice President of Business Development at NVIDIA.
ScaleX Enterprise’s administrative portal provides a comprehensive set of features to manage  user account settings, configure role-based permissions, control budgets and billing, and implement security policies.  Enterprises can customize and integrate the portal with existing on-premise licenses and hardware resources providing a unified, hybrid environment for all HPC and simulation needs.
“ScaleX Enterprise is an ideal solution for our organization, empowering our engineers to develop the most innovative products and perform groundbreaking research and development for our clients,” says Wayne Tanner, President, Leading Edge Engineering.
With an infrastructure network of over 30 advanced global data centers, ScaleX Enterprise features the latest computing technology from Intel and NVIDIA, as well as over 120 simulation applications, including those developed by leading vendors such as Siemens PLM, CD-adapco, Dassault Systemes, ANSYS, and MSC Software – all optimized, certified, and cloud-enabled. Rescale’s ScaleX Enterprise simulation platform delivers the largest worldwide HPC network and most advanced simulation capabilities directly to enterprise organizations.
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About Rescale
Rescale is the world’s leading cloud platform provider of simulation software and high performance computing (HPC) solutions. Rescale’s platform solutions are  deployed securely and seamlessly to enterprises via a web-based application environment powered by preeminent simulation software providers and backed by the largest commercially available HPC infrastructure.  Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Rescale’s customers include global Fortune 500 companies in the aerospace, automotive, life sciences, marine, consumer products, and energy sectors. For more information on Rescale products and services, visit

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