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The New HPC-optimized AWS EC2 Instance based on AMD is Now Available on Rescale

Rescale is proud to be the leader in delivering turnkey High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions built for the cloud. Our commitment to customers includes making state-of-the-art HPC technologies available and easily accessible to accelerate digital R&D with Rescale’s intelligent computing platform. In the spirit of fulfilling our commitment, we are delighted to announce that the latest HPC-optimized AWS EC2 instance, Hpc6a, is now available on the Rescale platform under the coretype named “Elm.”

“Rescale’s customers are as diverse as the wide range of applications which leverage HPC. These applications depend on powerful, but also versatile hardware. Some applications require high memory bandwidth while others depend on efficient scaling. With Hpc6a, AWS has delivered this power and versatility in a single SKU. Hpc6a combines the leading edge interconnect technology of EFA with the extremely versatile AMD chipset providing a performance sweet spot for applications ranging from CFD, which relies on scalable hardware, to structural FEA, which benefits from the high memory performance of AMD EPYC,” said Mulyanto Poort, VP of High Performance Computing at Rescale. 

The Hpc6a instance features AMD’s 3rd Gen EPYC processors, 96 cores, up to 3.6GHz frequency, 384GB of Ram, and AWS Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) enabled by default for 100 Gbps networking for inter-instance communications. According to AWS, Hpc6a offers up to 65% better price-performance over comparable AWS x-86 based, compute-optimized instances. 

“Hpc6a continues and complements a line of impressive HPC offerings from AWS and promises to deliver both convenience and performance to Rescale customers. Rescale’s customers solve some of today’s most critical challenges in areas ranging from autonomous vehicles to climate to drug discovery using HPC and with Hpc6a we’re excited to give them another powerful tool for accelerating innovation and scientific progress,” said Poort.

We are excited by our close collaborations with AWS and AMD to provide the most advanced intelligent HPC platform experience, and we look forward to making customers successful by continuing to integrate the latest technologies from our leading partners. 
For more information on how Hpc6a with the Rescale platform can help accelerate your engineering and scientific breakthroughs, please contact partners@rescale.com.


  • Kevin Cangemi

    Kevin Cangemi is a Principal on the Strategic Partnerships & Alliances team at Rescale. He leads strategic new ecosystem development programs like AI/ML for R&D at Rescale, and he manages strategic technology and go-to-market partnerships across Rescale's Independent Software Vendor, Cloud Service Providers, and Semiconductor partner ecosystems. Prior to joining Rescale, Kevin led business development, M&A, corporate strategy, and strategic finance for ecommerce companies. Kevin earned an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

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