Three New Features That Will Debut with UI Redesign

Rescale provides a platform where its users (mostly engineers and scientists) can run their computer simulations on demand in the cloud. At a high level, running these computer simulations require two steps. First, an engineer or a scientist has to design a scientific model to test his/her hypothesis. And secondly, he/she has to set up a computer simulation so that the result is obtained in a desired time period. These simulations, however, are usually complex workflows that require high performance computers that are not always available to the user. Rescale helps engineers and scientists set up and run a complex simulation with a few clicks of a mouse button, producing results faster than most in-house clusters.
Improving the user interface (UI) of our platform, therefore, is critical to the problem that we set out to solve. An intuitive UI will not only save hours for existing users, but it will also lower the bar for other engineers and scientists who previously could not easily scale their simulations in cloud. Previously, we have written about the change in our development stack, and today we’d like to share three features that will help our users set up a simulation on the Rescale platform.
1. Job Visualizations
Based on our previous usage analytics, we figured out which simulation workflows are most frequently run by our users. For these simulation types, the new platform will provide a visual aide-which will also update based on users’ input. Users can also jump to different parts of their setup by simply clicking on one of the icons.
2. Core-to-Instance Mapping
Knowing the number of cores available for every node is important in parallelizing a simulation. The visualization of core-to-instance mapping will inform users of this information without any conversion charts or tables.
3. License Options
One of the main requirements of running computer simulations is acquiring a license, which could cost up to thousands of dollars up front. On Rescale’s platform, however, users can utilize our “on-demand” licensing option for select software to pay only for the hours they use. This process is made easier in the new UI, as users can simply choose the best licensing option for them.
These are the highlights of the new UI that will soon be available. If you’re interested in following our progress, please subscribe to our community newsletter on the top right corner.

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