Simulation Engineering Supercharged at Cloud-scale

Automate digital twin, MDO, and CAE projects and take advantage of the near-limitless scale of cloud

Reimagine the Possibilities of AI-Assisted Science and Engineering

Rapid Vaccine Development & Drug Discovery

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Accelerated Genome Analysis and Personalized Medicine

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Space Exploration & Supersonic Travel

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Digital Twin &
Surrogate Modeling

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AI-informed Manufacturing Process Optimization

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Autonomous, Electrified, and Connected Vehicles

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Any Software

Always Up-to-date

Accessible from Anywhere

  • The latest versions of 700+ distinct software tools from over 60 vendors
  • Software is pre-installed and optimized for the cloud
  • Easy to migrate or extend workflows to the cloud
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Electromagnetics (EM), Predictive analytics, Machine learning tool sets

Intuitive, Time-saving User Interface

Rescale automates cloud HPC complexity, making job submission as easy as a few clicks

Science/Engineering Tasks
Technical Infrastructure Tasks

Turnkey Platform Enabled for Any CSP
(Without Rescale)

Technology Requirements

  • A computer with an internet browser (e.g., Chrome)
  • An AWS account with IAM user with Admin privileges
  • Familiarity with AWS services and terminologies such as EC2, S3, VPC, etc
  • Familiarity with Linux terminal commands
  • Access to the installation files and familiarity with installing ANSYS Fluent


  1. Create a VPC and Subnet on your CSP account 
  2. Create a storage bucket on your CSP  account 
  3. Create an IAM role for accessing your storage bucket 
  4. Request increase your service quota 
  5. Setup a budget in CSP Budget
  6. Select optimal VM/Instance types
  7. Create machine images and templates for workload managers, cluster services and applications.
  8. Configure cluster networking.  
  9. Configure license servers.
  10. Create and configure a parallel file system for scratch/working directories. 
  11. Launch the cluster 
  12. Connect to the cluster via command line or interactive session
  13. Upload software input files
  14. Move files from storage to the parallel file system
  15. Create a scheduler job submission script 
  16. Submit job to the scheduler
  17. Wait to see if job completes successfully
  18. Copy results to storage bucket once the simulation is complete
  19. Shutdown the cluster and cleanup resources
  20. Download results from storage bucket

Turnkey Platform Enabled for Any CSP
(With Rescale)

Technology Requirements

  • A computer with an internet browser (e.g., Chrome)

Increased access for
researchers, scientists, and engineers


  1. Sign into Rescale from any browser
  2. Upload software input files
  3. Select pre-installed software
    (Optional: Change auto-recommended hw)
  4. Submit Job and download results

Time saved to perform strategic research, development, and engineering work

Fast results with no queuing

  • Leverage the latest simulation technology, 10x less computation times
  • Shorter or no queuing, guaranteed job completion without manual restart
  • Higher yield on the first design pass
  • Quicker job setup (average 3-4 steps on Rescale intelligent platform comparing to 24 steps on common commercial simulation software)
  • Higher quality results through AI-assisted engineering and datasets

Flexibility and Performance

  • Variety of methods to submit and manage jobs; 
  • Fully customizable with end-user scripting; 
  • simple to upload input files and download output files
  • Batch jobs and Designs of Experiments (DOE) are built-in, with parameter live tailing and monitoring, 
  • Multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO)
  • Responsive cloud desktops for GUI based post-processing

Scalability and Speed

  • Rescale’s simulation platform offers vast scalability for the largest problems
  • Spin up HPC clusters immediately
  • Ad-hoc experiments and on-the-fly adjustments
  • Maximize design workflow efficiency

Cloud Computing Resources for R&D Professionals

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