Computer-Aided Engineering & Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

Immediate access to unlimited compute resources to scale up your optimization. Unlock the power of MDO with higher fidelity models and more complex multiphysics interactions to achieve a truly optimal design.

Benefits of CAE & MDO in HPC

Accelerate Innovation

Grow your enterprise by entering the new paradigm of cloud technology.

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Customize Workflows

Go beyond simple batch jobs with the design of experiments or optimization

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Unlimited Compute Resource

Over 100 data centers worldwide

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Featured Customer: Zeleros

Unprecedented in the realms of speed, cost, and efficiency, Zeleros executed early innovations in ground transportation design, which won the SpaceX at Hyperloop Pod Competition organized by Elon Musk.

Team Innovation Outpaced Local Computing Capabilities

At Zeleros, Dynamics Engineer Federico
Lluesma was charged with managing
the development of hyperloop model
simulations to test and perfect definitive
attributes of the company’s prototype
and ensure real-world performance.


With HPC on AWS, the Zeleros team found
the scalability, flexibility, and memory
required to develop their simulations. Using
the Rescale HPC automation platform—
which is built for hybrid and cloud HPC, and
geared specifically for companies in the
R&D phase—Zeleros was able to further
optimize AWS services.


The team at Zeleros was losing a significant amount of time benchmarking to find the appropriate HPC instance for each simulation. With the engagement of Rescale, the team was able to easily identify the optimal instance for their respective tasks with ease.

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