Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Preparing for when disaster strikes is an essential responsibility of IT and HPC administrators. With Rescale, you can leverage the immediate availability of HPC resources, and protect your engineering and development teams from setbacks.

Benefits of Cloud-based Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity in HPC

Accelerated Simulation Cycle Times

Rescale’s ScaleX platform has comprehensive file management capabilities built-in for efficient and secure data transfer, version management, and file sharing.

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On-Demand Scaling

Ramp up simulation job fidelity or size to much larger architecutres.

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Handle Both Simple and Complex Workflows

Go beyond simple batch jobs with built-in optimization and design of experiments frameworks

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Continue Business as Usual, Immediately After a Disaster

Whether just a minor outage or a complete disaster recovery (DR), the most important success factor is having a clearly defined plan. The Rescale ScaleX platform provides just that: a turnkey platform that can pick up all of your on-premise HPC capacity at a moment’s notice. In fact, many customers choose Rescale as their default DR provider, realize the flexibility and scale advantages of pay-as-you-go compute during testing, then transition their production workloads to the platform.

There are numerous disruptive threats that could occur at any time and negatively impact the on-premise HPC business process. These range from power loss, thermal instability, physical site failures, platform worker failures, platform web failures, database failures, and build server failures.

The Rescale ScaleX platform enables users to:

Multicloud Approach

Transition on-premise HPC tasks to the cloud immediately


Connect backup cloud resources directly to compute nodes

Unlimited Growth

Expand to the exact capacity needed without over or under-provisioning of recovery resources

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