Multicloud Hybrid Solutions

Transform Legacy On-Premise to Agile and Hybrid IT Infrastructure.

Rescale’s enterprise big compute platform includes a full suite of software-defined multi-cloud storage and data management capabilities. The platform offers the most optimal storage for a given workload–and simplifies ingesting, processing, and visualizing data in the cloud.

Leading Industries Recognize the Benefits of Incorporating Cloud

Workflow-Ready Multi-Cloud Storage

Easy to create and clone jobs and data for basic and multi-step workflows.

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Simplified Data Management

Easy to ingest, process, share, and store results

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Cloud Desktops for Data Sharing and Visualization

Turnkey remote desktops for in-place data analysis and visualization.

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Integrate directly with leading scheduler solutions including: Slurm, Sun Grid Engine (SGE), Platform LSF, PBS Pro, Univa, HTCondor


Uniform hardware administration and management across on-premise and cloud resources


Customized enterprise integration leveraging existing IT assets while making strategic transition to cloud

Automate Storage, Data and Workflows

Multi-cloud storage from Rescale optimizes performance in lock-step with your big data workloads. The platform eliminates storage bottlenecks and complexity, giving you control over your data in the cloud. Moreover, the platform empowers your teams to rapidly process, analyze, visualize, and share data globally.

Automate Everything

  • Storage automatically acquired, provisioned, configured, tested and tuned
  • Data tiering automates data movement from ingest to archive–and from object storage to fast local, shared, and parallel file systems
  • Data can be rapidly processed and efficiently stored for assigned periods, or archived

Collaborate Globally

  • Share data and collaborate on results securely, within your organization
  • Data reuse makes it easy to store data sets for later use, clone jobs, and re-run results
  • Rapidly visualize and analyze your data directly in the cloud using remote Virtual Desktops (VDI)

Optimize by Workload

  • Allocate only what’s needed to complete jobs within targeted timeframes
  • Optimize performance based on IOPS and throughput
    • Eliminate storage performance bottlenecks for each job
  • Optimize for cost – put the right data on the right tier at the right time
    • Tier data from high performance primary (ephemeral and persistent) file storage to near- and long-term object stores

Control Your Data

  • Set soft and hard quotas and budgets–on users, groups, and through projects
  • Proactively alert users to self-manage their data
  • Assign budgets to individual users, groups, and projects to control costs

HPC Resources for Hybrid Cloud Solutions

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