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AI Physics End-to-End Workflow Demo

AI-Enabled Engineering Workflow Overview Learn more about AI Physics Powered by NVIDIA on Rescale Step 1 – Generate or Use Existing Simulation Data. Run Multiple CFD Simulations in Batch or Large Scale DOE, in this case with Siemens STAR-CCM+ to conduct a rear vehicle wing design study. Step 2 – Train Physics-Informed Surrogate Model by…

Automating Metadata Capture for Custom Fields

Rescale Metadata Management supports the templating and deploying of custom fields to workspaces. Custom fields allow for simulation data governance. Rescale supports automating the population of custom fields by executing python scripts as a post processing step for any simulation. The automation makes custom fields error free and saves simulation practitioners time and effort, increasing the productivity and reducing time-to-market.

Filter and Search Simulation Resources with Rescale Metadata Management

Simulation engineers and engineering managers need to update simulations and iterate on product design several times before they are finalized, leading to large data sets. Searching for simulation data can become an overhead. Rescale allows tagging simulation data and searching for both file names and tags enabling organizations to reduce time and effort search for their data.