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High Throughput Computing (HTC)

Please note that this feature is currently in beta and not enabled by default. Please contact your organization’s Solution Architect or Account Executive to enable access. Overview Rescale High Throughput Computing (HTC)High Throughput Computing (HTC) is a computing paradigm that… More is an API-based Rescale product for running a large number (e.g., hundreds to millions)…

Cadence Innovus Tutorial

Overview In this tutorial, we will learn how to get started with Cadence Innovus software on the Rescale platform using a flat implementation flow which can be applied to chip level designs as well as blocks. We will use the block implementation Rapid Adoption Kit (RAK) from Cadence Innovus which is also available on the…

Job & Workstation Pages

Overview This page walks you through how to use and set up your Jobs and Workstation pages. In order to access the Jobs feature, log in to your Rescale account (Rescale Platform). You can create an account here if you don’t have a Rescale account. From the Job and Workstations page, you can view, manage, and configure…

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