Bring Your Own Azure Account

This document will guide you through the process of connecting your ScaleX Enterprise account to a private Azure account. Once this is configured, clusters will be provisioned against a custom Azure subscription that Rescale has access to.


  • A ScaleX Enterprise company administrator account
  • An Azure portal account with sufficient permissions to register an application with your Azure AD tenant.

Setup Instructions – Azure

1) Sign into the Azure portal.

2) Select Azure Active Directory from the services list.

Azure services

3) Select App registrations and click New application registration.

4) In the Create blade that appears, enter the following information to create a new Azure AD application for Rescale:

App registration

  • Rescale as the name of the application
  • Web app / API as the Application type
  • The ScaleX Enterprise platform url that you have signed up with (e.g., or for the Sign-on URL.

5) Find the Application ID.

From the App registrations list, select the application that was created above. In the application blade that appears, make a note of the Application ID. You will need this value later.

App settings

6) Generate a new Application Secret.

Select Settings and click on the Keys button. In the blade that appears, enter in a description for the key (“rescale-key” here) and an expiration.

App key

Click the Save button to create a new key. After saving, the key value will be displayed in the UI. This is the Application Secret. Make a note of this value as it will be needed later.

7) Retrieve the Tenant ID.

In the Azure AD settings blade, select the Properties link.

Azure AD settings

Make a note of the Directory ID value that appears in the Properties table. This is your Tenant ID.

Azure AD properties

8) Select Subscriptions from the services list.

Azure services

9) Select a Subscription to use with Rescale.

All Azure resources provisioned by Rescale will go into a specific Azure Subscription. If you would like to create a new Subscription dedicated to Rescale, select the Add button from the Subscriptions blade. Otherwise, select an existing Subscription from the list.

10) Make a note of the Subscription ID.

After selecting a subscription, click on the Properties link.


Make a note of the Subscription ID that appears in the Properties blade. You will need this value later.

Subscription ID

11) Click on the Access Control (IAM) button in the Subscription settings.


12) Give the Rescale Azure AD application Contributor access to the Subscription.

Click on the Add button. In the New Permission blade that appears, select Contributor in the Role dropdown and enter Rescale in the Select text box. The Rescale application created above should appear in the results list.

New Permission

Select the Rescale application and click Save.

Setup Instructions – Rescale

1) Navigate to the Bring Your Own Azure section in the ScaleX Enterprise portal.

Select Administration from the user menu in the upper right (where will be the name of your company). Then, select Integrations > Bring Your Own Azure from the menu bar.

Note that this option is not available by default for all users. Please contact Rescale support if you do not see it.

2) Submit the generated Azure credentials.

At this point, you should have retrieved 4 values from the Azure portal: the Application ID, the Application Secret, the Tenant ID, and the Subscription ID. Enter these values into the form and click Submit.

Submitting the form will notify Rescale and we will begin provisioning the necessary resources in the specified Subscription. We will then send the company administrator an email when provisioning is complete. Once the email is received, all Azure clusters created through the ScaleX platform will run in your Subscription.