Job Comments


Job Comments are a feature of the Rescale platform where users can seamlessly interact with their team directly in the platform. Job Comments can be used to collaborate with other users interacting on the platform by tagging them using “@”, linking to other jobs using “#”, or simply leaving a comment for the future.

How to comment on a job

Comments are shown in the Comments section of any job. Comments will remain forever until manually deleted.
Job Comments

When you’re in the comments section, you will be presented with a free text box where you can use markdown or free text. You also have the option to mention other collaborators or link a job.

Mentioning collaborators

You can @mention a collaborator in the comment box by typing the @ symbol. This will give you a dialog that lets you select a collaborator.
Mention Collaborators

Once a user is mentioned in a comment, they will receive an email from Rescale with the mention and a link to the job. When the collaborator clicks the link to the comment, the comment will be outlined.

Linking jobs

You can link a #job in the comment box by typing the # symbol. This will present you with a dialog that lets you select a job as you begin to type the job name.
Link a Job

Once you make a job comment with a linked job, you will be able to click into the job directly from a comment.
Linked Job

Pinned Comments

By clicking the Pin icon, you will be able to pin any comment to the top of the comment list, highlighted in yellow, signifying its importance.
Pinned Comment

Replying to comments

In addition to posting a comment, you can reply directly to a comment by clicking the Reply button. This will create a thread under the parent comment.


Can you remove or edit a comment created by another collaborator?

Currently, comments can only be edited or deleted by the collaborator that created that comment.