Job & Desktop Templates


Templates allow users to quickly launch jobs or desktops from a custom state including general input files, software settings, license variables and hardware configuration. This reduces the number of required steps to execute a new run of a common workflow and ensures consistency between jobs run by the same user or an entire team.

Creating a Template

Templates can be created from a newly setup job or desktop. Selecting the “Save as Template” option from the context dropdown in the job/desktop header will create a template.

Additionally, templates can be created from existing jobs by cloning the job first, then using the “Save as Template” option in the job header.

Save as Template

Before saving a template the following settings are required to be filled:

  • Hardware configuration (including core count and walltime)
  • At least 1 software selection (for jobs)

Using a Template

Once a template is saved by you or shared with you, it will show up in your template gallery. You can use any template available in your template gallery by clicking on the “Create New Job/Desktop From Template” button.

Template Gallery

The templates available in the template gallery will be sorted by most recently used. You can view all the templates available to you by clicking the “View All Templates” button.

Editing an Existing Template

In order to edit an existing template navigate to it in your template gallery and click on the “Edit Template” button denoted by a pencil icon.

Only template owners can edit templates. If a template is shared, recipients can view and use the template but cannot edit the template definition.

Sharing a Template

Templates can be made available to other coworkers and teams via sharing. Navigate to the relevant Template and use the instructions detailed in our sharing guide to share your template with other users.

Admin Controls

Administrators can optionally toggle controls for their teams to,

  • Restrict who can create templates.
  • Restrict users to only launching from templates made available to them via sharing.
Template Admin Controls