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Running a Basic Job

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Configure and run a high performance computing job.
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Answers to the most common Rescale API questions.

CFD+ML Tutorial

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Watch how to use Machine Learning to perform Airfoil Design.

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Audit Logs

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What audit logs are available for customers? Rescale offers event audit logs and transfer logs. Each log type is guaranteed to have the following events recorded. Any activity not listed below is not currently supported and will/may not show up on the logs. Event Audit Logs Invitation sent to new org/workspace users User registered User…
Running LAMMPS 2

Running LAMMPS on Rescale

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Learn how to simulate a rhodopsin protein in a solvated lipid bilayer using Molecular Dynamics (MD) with CHARMM applied as the force field. 

Major Supported Software

ANSYS CFX Batch Examples

ANSYS CFX Impeller Example This is a simple rotating flow model of an impeller inside an open mixing tank with containing baffles. We examine the distribution of the fluid flow as a constant stream of air is injected into a water tank. Simulation Code ANSYS CFX 2019R1 Analysis Type Mixing and Rotating flow Description A…

ANSYS CFX Batch Tutorials

Multi-Field Run : CFX-Mechanical FSI This section demonstrates how to run a Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) between CFX and ANSYS Mechanical on Rescale’s ScaleX platform. The MFX Solver (Multi-Field Run) is used for FSI jobs by CFX. This example is based on an oscillating plate. A thin plate is anchored to the bottom of a…

ANSYS Fluent Batch Examples

In this section, we present several ANSYS Fluent batch examples. ANSYS Fluent T-Junction Mixing Example This is a simple model of a t-junction with a hot water and cold water inlet, with mixing and calculation of temperature at the outlet. This example has been configured to output a graph of the residual plot every iteration….

ANSYS Fluent Batch Tutorials

This tutorial will introduce you to submitting ANSYS jobs in batch to the Rescale platform. We will create an input file from the respective ANSYS software, start a Rescale job, submit, and transfer the results back to ANSYS. Pre-processing activities (e.g. geometry, mesh/model) are already completed and all solver and setup settings are already determined…

ANSYS Fluent DOE Tutorial

In this tutorial, we show how to setup Design of Experiments (DOE) with variable design parameters for ANSYS Fluent simulations.We will use a T-Junction mixing problem with cold and hot fluid inlets. At the T-Junction both fluids mix and result in a outlet temperature which is a design objective for this example. We will simulate…