Rocky Example


Rocky DEM is a professional software package used for realistically simulating material flows and machining processes. Wide-ranging simulation possibilities allow users to draw comprehensive conclusions on the system as a whole. Rocky DEM is extremely fast due to the ability to use multiple GPUs and is precise due to the realistic representation of particles. Rocky DEM provides tight coupling with ANSYS and integrated multi-body simulation. The software can handle models with up to 100 million parts. 

Discrete Element Method Simulation Example

The following example is based on a Discrete Element Method (DEM) Simulation of a Transfer Chute. You can download the job results here.

Simulation CodeRocky 4.5.0
Analysis TypeDiscrete Element Method (DEM)
DescriptionDEM Simulation of a transfer chute
Suggested HardwareA100/ V100 GPUs
CommandRocky –simulate transfer_chute/transfer_chute.rocky
Estimated Run Time2 minutes