Simufact Example

Rescale provides a great tool to run your Simufact analysis using the built-in MSC Solver. 

To get started, you’ll need to first create the dat files in your Simufact GUI. To do so, open your model and click the Start Analysis button in the GUI:

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Once the Analysis start screen opens, you’re done creating your dat files. This will automatically create the necessary run files that you need to run in batch on Rescale.

Next, enter your working directory and open the model path. You will need to upload all the files under _Run_.

You’ll need to upload ALL files under this directory. 

The best option is to compress all these files into a zip directory:

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Running Your Job

To start creating your job, use the zip archive you created as an input file.

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Once your upload is complete, click Next and select your software.

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Once you select your software, you’ll notice that there is a pre-filled command in your command box. Update the file-ID with the name of your input file to run.

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Once this is in place, click Next to move to hardware selection.

Select your hardware and set your core counts. Once you’ve done so, click Submit.

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