AVL FIRE Example

AVL FIRE is a CFD simulation tool that specializes in fluids and combustion analysis, especially in the field of Internal Combustion Engines and supports the development of the major components of electrified powertrains. It offers grid independent heat transfer modeling, turbulence modeling accounting for the complexity of flows in powertrain components, Lagrangian and Eulerian multiphase capabilities dedicated to AVL FIRE’s key applications and in-depth modeling of reaction-chemistry and electro-chemistry. AVL FIRE is used in automotive, aerospace and combustion industries.

Rescale offers a simple workflow platform to simulate complex and computationally intensive AVL FIRE models. The example given below is a simple CFD simulation to perform aerodynamic analysis on a vehicle model.

Example visualization on AVL FIRE's GUI

Example visualization on AVL FIRE’s GUI

Simulation CodeAVL FIRE Version v2019.1 R1
Analysis TypeMulti-purpose thermo-fluid dynamics
DescriptionA simplified model of a vehicle’s external surface is simulated in a 3-D symmetry plane analysis with constant boundary conditions.
Suggested HardwareMelanite / 8 cores
fire_cmd -case=Case -name=fire -mpi -hostlist=$HOSTS -project=$PROJ_MPI
Estimated Run Time9 minutes
Previous versionsImport Job Setup Version 2013.2

Import Job Setup Version 2018