FLOW-3D Example

FLOW-3D provides a complete and versatile CFD simulation platform for engineers investigating the dynamic behavior of liquids and gas in a wide range of industrial applications and physical processes. FLOW-3D focuses on free surface and multi-phase applications, serving a broad range of industries including microfluidics, bio-medical devices, water civil infrastructure, aerospace, consumer products, additive manufacturing, inkjet printing, laser welding, automotive, offshore, energy and automotive.

Given below is an example of a simulation run in FLOW-3D using Rescale.

Combined Sewer Overflow Example

The simulation begins with a stagnant low level of fluid in the main sewer, the inflow boundary condition is adjusted with time to simulate a rising water level. Initially this only increases the flow rate and fluid elevation in the interceptor sewer. At a given height the water begins to ‘overflow’ into the regulating vault section of the structure. The fluid then exits into the culvert.


Visualization of results for the combined sewer overflow example.

Simulation CodeFLOW-3D
Analysis TypeCFD
DescriptionThe water level rises in a sewer until it begins to overflow into the culvert
Suggested HardwareCarbon / 88 cores
flow3d -i CSO
Estimated Run Time15 minutes