Gerris Examples

Gerris is a CFD solver for partial differential equations that represent fluid flow. Gerris solves the Navier–Stokes equations in 2 or 3 dimensions, allowing to model industrial fluids (aerodynamics, internal flows, etc.) or for instance, the mechanics of droplets, thanks to an accurate formulation of multiphase flows (including surface tension). It also provides features relevant to geophysical flows like ocean tides, tsunamis, river flows etc. Gerris uses finite volume method scheme to solve the equations.

Given below are some examples of Gerris simulations on Rescale’s platform – ScaleX. With simple workflows, Gerris simulations can be run on ScaleX to improve run times.

Gerris 2D Example

This is an example of a 2D viscous flow simulation with Gerris on Rescale.

Visualization of tracer field dynamics in a viscous fluid

Visualization of tracer field dynamics in a viscous fluid

Simulation CodeGerris 12.06.13-2D
Analysis TypeCFD
Description2D viscous flow around a heated cylinder. A fluid is flowing at a constant velocity from the left in a channel bounded by solid walls on the top and bottom. After the initial formation of vortices, a Benard-von Kármán vortex street is formed in the wake of the cylinder.
Suggested HardwareTitanium / 1 cores
mkdir images; gerris2D heated-pics.gfs >out.log
Estimated Run Time8 minutes