HMMER Example

HMMER is a tool used to search for specific sequences in biological applications. It implements methods using probabilistic models called profile hidden Markov models (profile HMMs). HMMER is designed to detect remote homologs as sensitively as possible, relying on the strength of its underlying probability models.

This example is a basic biosequencing simulation using HMMER on Rescale. Rescale’s easy workflows will help users in running HMMER simulations conveniently on multiple cores.

Simulation CodeHMMER 3.1b1
Analysis TypeBiosequence analysis
DescriptionA DNA sequence is searched against a database for exact and near matches.
Suggested HardwareTitanium / 1 core
hmmbuild MADE1.hmm MADE1.sto; nhmmer MADE1.hmm dna_target.fa > MADE1.out
Estimated Run Time1 minutes