Particleworks Example


Particleworks is a CFD simulation software for evaluating the behavior of liquids such as water and oil. It is used in the analysis of fluid problems in a wide range of fields such as transmission and engine lubrication, motor cooling, flooded road running, etc. 

Particleworks is mesh-free, which reduces pre-processing time, and enables stable coupling analysis with 3rd parties solvers.

Particleworks provides an interface option for ANSYS for coupling simulations between liquid simulation with large deformation of free surface by Particleworks and various simulation fields calculated in Ansys.

You can take advantage of Rescale’s ScaleX platform and its simple workflow to run large models in batch mode. The following example is based on a model of dam-break as an example of incompressible flow with free-surface.

Figure 1: Particleworks dam-break example
Simulation CodeParticleworks 7.1.0
Analysis TypeCFD, incompressible flow
DescriptionFlow of a dam-break
Suggested HardwareEmerald / 4 cores
CommandOMP_NUM_THREADS=$((RESCALE_CORES_PER_SLOT/RESCALE_SOCKETS_PER_SLOT)); mpirun -machinefile $MACHINEFILE -np $RESCALE_SOCKETS_PER_SLOT app.solver.double -p ./scene -f ./scene/result/sub.json -n $OMP_NUM_THREADS
Estimated Run Time2 minutes