EDEM on Rescale

EDEM is high-performance Discrete Element Method (DEM) software for bulk material simulation. EDEM simulations and analysis enable engineers to solve complex problems in the design, prototyping, and optimization of equipment that handles and processes bulk solid materials–across a wide range of industry sectors.

This tutorial will teach you how to generate an EDEM Deck and run it in batch on Rescale.

Please contact us if you’re having trouble.

First, upload your CAD file to Rescale Cloud Files. You can do this by clicking the Files button on the top taskbar, and clicking Upload from this computer.

Next, you need to launch a Rescale Desktop. Instructions on this can be found here. Once you are on the desktop, double click the EDEM shortcut to launch the GUI, and open the Cloud Files desktop shortcut. Here, you can download the CAD file to your remote desktop.


In the EDEM GUI, import the CAD file and begin EDEM Setup. Be sure to complete the process of setting up the project in creator mode. Once that is done, while still in creator mode, go to File > Save As, and navigate to the folder you created. Name your project (avoid using spaces in your file name), save, and close EDEM.

Go to the folder you created where your EDEM files are saved > select all files along with the folder <project_name>_data. Right-click, select 7zip > Add to Archive > Name Archive > OK.


We will now set up an EDEM job on Rescale.

  1. On the top left, click +New Job
  1. Upload the .7z file from your cloud files
  1. Next, click on Software > Search for “EDEM” > Select EDEM

4. Ensure the EDEM version and the EDEM GUI version are the same

5. Specify you input .dem file in command edem -c -i .dem -p $RESCALE_CORES_PER_SLOT


6. Scroll down on the same page and select your license option

7. Click on Hardware, and choose choose your core type and number of cores

8. Hit the Submit button on the top right

The job will now kick off, and you will be able to view the results of the simulation once it is complete. For more detailed instructions on running a job on Rescale, please refer here.