HPC Software Application Containers

Rescale maximizes the value of containers for HPC, giving you the best of cloud performance seamlessly integrated with your existing applications.

Benefits of Deploying HPC Containers on Rescale


Run your containerized workloads on any cloud in any region with a single click without complex configuration


Support more secure and parallel workloads while optimizing for best performance or cost efficiency

Integrated Experience

Integrate container workflows alongside 800+ commercial & open source science and engineering applications

Manage All Your Applications From a Single Control Plane

Engineers are utilizing more specialized applications that demand greater computing resources and more collaboration. Bringing your containers to Rescale provides a user-friendly method to manage any application, at any scale, in one place.

Ecosystem Compatibility

Rescale supports leading HPC container environments like Singularity, Apptainer, and Docker, making deploying your existing applications in the cloud easier than ever.

Unified Access

Seamlessly access a broad set of custom, open-source, and commercial software to with native integration of leading simulation and AI/ML tools optimized for the cloud.

IT Security and Control

Ensure custom applications are secured from end-to-end and control application data and infrastructure access from a single pane of glass.

AGC Unleashes Engineering Potential
with HPC Containers in the Cloud

Rescale customer AGC, a global leader in glass, ceramic, chemicals and electronics materials manufacturing, founded in 1907, uses containers to support ML and Deep Learning (DL) capabilities using their cloud provider of choice. Containers give the company the portability and compatibility they need to run in-house applications anywhere.

Advanced Container Capabilities on Rescale

  • Multi-node high performance support for Singularity and Apptainer containers; Docker container support for single node applications
  • ARM architecture support for the latest Singularity versions (3.9.6)
  • High-performance networking, such as InfiniBand using Open MPI
  • Container publishing via Rescale Templates for collaboration and standardization
  • NVIDIA GPU-optimized containers for seamless integration of world-class AI applications

Containers for Engineering and Scientific Computing

Containers are increasingly being used by engineers and scientists to streamline custom software development and deployment. As organizations’ need for specialized applications and high performance computing containers simplify the complexity of hybrid and multi cloud deployments and issues that can arise from differences in host operating systems. Other benefits of using containers include application portability, security, collaboration, and sometimes performance. The key motivation to bring containerized applications into multi-cloud environments is for access to greater scale and better performance by accessing the latest computing architectures. Containers may also make it easier for IT orgs to better support, manage, and secure their variety of applications from a single pane of glass.

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