Rescale Test Drive

Instant access to high performance computing for engineering and scientific applications

  • User-friendly interface with intelligent batch and design of experiments workflows
  • Powerful cloud workstations for pre/post-processing and visualization
  • Tutorial walk-throughs, documentation, and reference guides
  • Start running your software in minutes with no downloads, no installation, no coding, no credit card, and no hardware setup

Everything you need to get started

  • Up to $300 in free compute credit on your preferred cloud provider (e.g. Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and more)
  • 100+ latest architectures from CPUs, GPUs, and specialized architectures
  • Pre-installed software catalog of 1000+ CAE, CAD, simulation, and AI/ML frameworks and applications
  • 100GB storage and data transfer
  • Up to 2TB of RAM per node and SSD storage

Digitally transform your R&D process

Join thousands of global leaders developing new innovations across industries including aerospace, automotive, energy, government, higher education, life sciences, industrial manufacturing, semiconductor, and electronics.