High Performance Computing Built For The Cloud – eBook

Five Winning Strategies to Accelerate Engineering Innovation

Key Topics Include:

  • Common challenges constraining engineering productivity
  • Changing business demands driving digital transformation
  • New opportunities to leverage cloud-based HPC for improved business results

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R&D is moving to the cloud. Learn how to maximize its value for your business.

Cloud has democratized access to high performance computing by putting powerful computational infrastructure and capabilities in the hands of researchers and engineers.

But many organizations struggle to develop the strategies to implement and take full advantage of all cloud has to offer.

In this eBook, you will learn Rescale’s best practices and attributes of highly effective cloud-HPC operations to help you pursue your engineering and IT goals and transform your digital capabilities.

About Rescale

From supersonic jets to personalized medicine, industry leaders are bringing new product innovations to market with unprecedented speed and efficiency with Rescale. Our cloud platform delivers intelligent full-stack automation and performance optimization. IT teams use Rescale to deliver HPC-as-a-Service with a secure control plane to deliver any application, on any architecture, at any scale on their cloud of choice. Engineering teams use Rescale to get faster time to answer, access to the latest software and hardware options, and easy and unlimited access to the compute resources they need.

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Resources for IT and HPC Managers

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Zero Trust security is an essential part of Rescale’s defense-in-depth strategy to ensure the Rescale Platform, its data, and its customers are protected with the most comprehensive cybersecurity defenses in the industry. Using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, Rescale enforces the principle of least privilege security across people, devices, networks, and workloads. Zero Trust is not…

Aerospace Industry Datasheet

Accelerating the Future of Air and Space Innovation Rescale powers 7 of the top 10 global aerospace companies from defense contractors to private sector engineering teams developing next generation innovations. From urban mobility and electrified VTOLS to space-faring rockets and low-earth orbit satellites, simulation and modeling plays a vital role in designing safe, reliable, and…