Running HPC in the Cloud: The HPCaaS Consumption Model is Here to Stay

The number of users who can benefit from leveraging HPC infrastructure is growing while the skillsets required for deploying, maintaining, and supporting the systems are becoming more scarce. HPCaaS (HPC as a Service) aims to address these mounting challenges by:

  • Making HPC jobs far easier to run and eliminating much of the inherent complexity of HPC.
  • Exposing HPC resources for pay-as-you-go OPEX consumption and alleviating underutilization of resources.
  • Virtualizing cloud resources to support best-of-breed resources and latest architectures
  • Supporting continuous access to all geographies.
  • Providing recipes for targeted vertical HPC applications and delivering the appropriate resource profile and predictable cost model matched to the specific HPC workload.

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About Rescale

From supersonic jets to personalized medicine, industry leaders are bringing new product innovations to market with unprecedented speed and efficiency with Rescale. Our cloud platform delivers intelligent full-stack automation and performance optimization. IT teams use Rescale to deliver HPC-as-a-Service with a secure control plane to deliver any application, on any architecture, at any scale on their cloud of choice. Engineering teams use Rescale to get faster time to answer, access to the latest software and hardware options, and easy and unlimited access to the compute resources they need.

See how Rescale provides an easy solution for engineers, scientists, and IT/HPC leaders, in their pursuit of fast and world-changing innovation.
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Manage HPC Infrastructure
Like a Business

Rescale is the first cloud platform with end-to-end visibility, control and data-driven intelligence across hybrid-cloud HPC operations.

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Specialized Architecture for Workloads

Use the latest architecture options to maximize cost/performance and throughput with policy-based controls.

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Security & Access Controls

Ensure compliance with best-in-class governance and encryption to maintain security in multi-cloud operations.

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Software & License Management

Manage a broad portfolio of commercial applications, and optimize license use with great flexibility.

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Financial budget Analytics & toolsets

Gain financial visibility into the value and impact of HPC jobs with budgetary controls, monitoring, and alerting.

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Multi-Team Sharing & Collaboration

Enable global and multi-team collaboration with delegated administration, project groups, and file-sharing within your company and partners.

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"Deploying cloud HPC across multiple software and cloud providers would have taken us 9 months, but with Rescale we were up and running in a matter of days. We also have assurance that Rescale optimizes our engineering efficiency and helps remove IT obstacles to get back to solving big problems." - NOV

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Optimized Cloud HPC


Teams that have adopted Rescale have seen 66% faster new infrastructure deployments


Teams that have adopted Rescale have seen 42% lower total cost of compute.


Teams that have adopted Rescale can run 20%+ more simulations on the same or less budget, giving them access to 22% more compute resource output to innovate faster and remain competitive.

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Optimized Enterprise HPC Operations

The industry’s first fully-managed HPC platform with hardware and software intelligence to automate and optimize engineering workloads.

  • Rescale Control Plane
  • Rescale Intelligence
  • Policy-Driven Management
  • R&D Workflow Automation
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