Guest Blog: The Advantages of On-Demand Cloud Computing with a next Generation CFD Solution

Benefit directly from the advantages of our pay-per-use cloud computing partnership
Rescale, Inc. and Next Limit Dynamics S.L. are pleased to announce a technology partnership that allows XFlow users the ability to run their MPI simulations on Rescale’s on demand cloud simulation platform. XFlow users now have access to tens of thousands of customizable HPC cores through Rescale’s platform to address even their most demanding simulations using a highly scalable, secure, web-based platform.
CFD software XFlow was launched commercially by Next Limit Dynamics in 2011 and is now used by some of the biggest engineering and manufacturing companies globally.   This post recounts the story and motivation for the development of this “next generation” CFD solution, and how David M. Holman, XFlow General Manager, sees cloud technologies in HPC as one of the future CFD trends.
The Challenge of Traditional CFD
In the traditional mesh-based approach of CFD, the reliability highly depends on the quality of the mesh, and engineers spend most of the time working on the discretization. Plus there are severe difficulties in dealing with the changes in the topology of the domain for problems involving moving parts or fluid-structure interaction so traditional approaches have limited ability to model real problems.
Next Limit Dynamics’ motivation to develop a XFlow as a next generation CFD solution was to overcome these classic problems.
What is XFlow and what makes it unique?
XFlow is a best-in-class CFD technology that dramatically improves the ´solution quality vs. time-to-solution´ trade-off and significantly reduces implementation, training and support costs…How is it possible?
It features a novel particle-based kinetic algorithm that resolves the Boltzman equation. Being particle-based and fully Lagrangian means classic fluid domain meshing is not required, therefore, it is extremely easy to set up and use and allows enforced or 6-DOF constrained motion.
Furthermore, XFlow´s advanced techniques easily handle traditionally complex problems such as aero-acoustics, free surface, transient flows, moving parts and fluid-structure interaction. The solver’s high-fidelity approach to the turbulence is state-of-the-art LES (Large Eddy Simulation) modeling, combined with advanced non-equilibrium wall models with much more efficiency than other solvers.
HPC Support, a must for any CFD Software
Increasingly in many sectors, Next Limit Dynamics has found that many CFD users prefer using on-demand cloud-based HPC solutions over in-house hardware… Surprising?
Not really…transforming a capital expense to an operational expense is a strategic goal for many organizations. Instant availability and the ability to quickly scale up (and down) are some of the advantages. To be an HPC user with unlimited storage and instantly available, scalable high performance computing resources for the most demanding simulations, at any time, and all on demand, has been a challenge for many CFD users.
Moreover, it also allows basic IT infrastructure that, combined with a pay-per-use web-based model, makes CFD simulation affordable to a growing industry segment after many years of demand: startups, SMEs and niche companies.
Next Limit Dynamics’ David Holman, General Manager of XFlow Technology, acknowledges the need for MPI developments for HPC environments now more than ever—together with the growing need for these to be delivered directly through the cloud: As simulations are becoming more complex (and realistic) the user requirements are becoming more demanding on computational resources. We are working hard on making HPC environments affordable to smaller companies and occasional users by using pay-per-use models.”
Contact us for further information and benefit from the advantages of a cloud computing CFD solution with XFlow.
About Rescale:
Rescale provides a secure, pay-per-use, web-based platform that helps engineers and scientists build, compute, and analyze large simulations on demand. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Rescale’s customers include global Fortune 500 companies in the aerospace, automotive, life sciences, and energy sectors.
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About Next Limit:
With a mission of delivering state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solutions by using new paradigms that break the limitations of traditional methodologies, Next Limit Dynamics provides a next generation CFD software system, XFlow CFD, and simulation expertise to the largest engineering companies worldwide.
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