IT Business Management

Enterprise-wide Management
Across Resources & Teams

Unified visibility and control across user and team-level budgets and performance. Orchestrate commercial, open-source, and custom applications on hybrid, multi-cloud architectures with optimized efficiency. Rescale’s unique workload-aware intelligent automation ensures users access specific software, licensing, and hardware consistent with project needs and IT policy. Empower teams with templates and delegated administration to meet timeline and cost requirements, with strict industry security and compliance.


Workspaces for Teams
and Multi-Org Delegation

Manage projects and teams organization-wide and optimize productivity with specific hierarchy controls with Rescale Workspaces. Easily govern access to data, hardware, and software with policy-driven templates and filters for each team. Designate admin and user permissions to boost efficiency and reduce risk, ensuring your engineering teams have everything they need to succeed.


Complete Economic
Visibility and Control

Gain full-stack economic transparency of your computing spend with Rescale’s financial controls. Reduce your total cost of simulation with Rescale’s economics dashboard and granular traceability of spend and workload consumption. View billing, credits, and budgets across clouds from a single dashboard. Set policies and alerts across users and teams to prevent costly budget overruns and accurately forecast future resource requirements.


Orchestrate Any Compute
Resource Teams Need

Orchestrate global computing and broad technology portfolios with Rescale’s Intelligent Resource Automation. Simplify complex operations with real-time intelligence across applications, licensing availability, hardware performance, infrastructure, and industry compliance requirements. Prioritize workloads on the best architectural configurations and service levels for optimal job performance and engineering productivity.


Intelligently Optimize
Full-stack Performance

Maximize R&D agility and efficiency with Rescale’s Performance Intelligence and Controls. Gain detailed analytics of workload performance with AI-driven recommendations for the best configurations to increase solve speed or reduce cost. Adopt the latest computing hardware faster and start maximizing each applications and commercial licensing without the need for benchmarking and configuration. Automate enterprise-wide workload optimization, continuously to meet project timelines and budgets while delivering R&D breakthroughs faster.


Curated Software Catalog,
Always Current & Supported

Deploy leading applications faster with rich automations for optimized performance. Choose from 1000+ pre-installed commercial and open-source R&D applications with the latest and previous versions. Bring your own custom solvers and AI containers for seamless portability across clouds. Manage application license utilization, license cost models, and architectural configurations to control cost.


Industry Leading Full-stack
Security & Compliance

Protect your most valuable assets with industry-leading cloud security. Rescale’s automated security hardens the full-stack of computing resources with end-to-end encryption, and virtual private networks, and network firewalls. Reduce risk and meet leading standards across multi-cloud environments, including FedRAMP, SOC-2, ISO 27001, and NIST.


Enterprise-grade Access and
Authentication Management

Enforce secure operations with enterprise-grade authentication and access management. Enable seamless login with single sign-on and added security with multi-factor authentication. Implement geofencing, set password requirements, restrict access by IP, and monitor activity with logging and alerts.


Bigger Impact with a
Smaller Footprint

Drive the change towards sustainability by improving the efficiency and reducing emissions from computing with Rescale’s sustainable computing capabilities. Maximize resource utilization and leverage the latest and most efficient architectures in the cloud. Intelligently prioritize infrastructure decisions based on clean energy sources and carbon reduction best practices. Accelerate development of more sustainable products powered by responsible computing strategies.

customer spotlight

NOV Goes All-In on Cloud HPC With Rescale to Unlock Engineering Productivity & Manage Growth

NOV faced increasing engineering delays from HPC resource queuing and backlogs of IT support caused by business growth and new R&D initiatives. Engineering and IT teams decided to pursue a global cloud HPC strategy managed on Rescale that alleviated resource constraints and unlocked new capabilities in oil and gas and renewables R&D to bring new products to market faster. With Rescale NOV was able to:

  • Maximize license utilization to 100% and reduced overall licensing spend
  • Reduce Cloud HPC deployment time by 95%
  • Decrease upfront HPC costs and reduced overall operational costs by 80%+

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