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Electric vehicle maker Canoo uses Rescale for compute scalability, flexibility, and accelerated time-to-solve

The innovative automotive leader accelerates vehicle design, safety testing, and development, while implementing best-in-class engineering and IT business practices for digital transformation.

Computational Engineering & Science in Action

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Exponent accelerates computational engineering and science using the latest multidisciplinary applications and architectures on Rescale. By automating complexity out of their teams’ workflows, they have transformed the capabilities of their HPC teams across industries like consumer electronics, healthcare, energy, and automotive

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“Technological complexity in our clients’ demands is growing so we need to have the computational capabilities to support them.”
– Zach Owens Ph.D.,
Sr. Managing HPC Engineer
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“With Rescale I don’t have to worry about waiting for computing resources or if my job will run – When I hit ‘Run’ on Rescale it just works.”
– Michael Acton, Ph.D.,
HPC Engineer, Heat Transfer
“Being able to tailor our computing environment to the challenge at hand allows us to reduce costs and increase the speed of results.”
– Lindsey Gilman, Ph.D.,
Managing HPC Engineer

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