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Cynthia Mason

Sr. Vice President of People

Cynthia is a global people leader & cultural start-up visionary who thoroughly understands and loves both the people and strategic side of the business. She has successfully grown companies from 100-450+ employees in six international markets and has led multi-faceted People Teams for eight rapidly growing, tech start-up companies globally.  Cynthia has a strong background in M&A, leading both incoming acquisitions as well as successful exits with Livemocha into Rosetta Stone & buuteeq into  She knows the importance of being strategic and data-driven and is incredibly passionate about building a company and culture filled with equality, inclusion, and an amazing employee experience.

She has traveled the world so much for both work and pleasure that she had to get extra pages for her passport with multiple stamps from Santiago, Chile, Italy, Salzburg, Austria, Amsterdam, and London.  With a passion for farm-to-table cooking, she creates her own recipes and turns dishes into healthier, equally delicious versions that her friends and family love to be the testers for and determine if it’s a keep or toss.  She enjoys staying active with running, spinning, hiking and recently fell back in love with snow skiing.  She is married, has two children, a daughter who also works at a tech start-up on the People Team, and her four-legged, furry Son, a Coltriever who stole her heart almost nine years ago.