2022 State of Computational Engineering Report

This report uncovers insights, statistics & sentiments from practitioners of compute-driven innovation across all major industries. Key findings from engineering and IT respondents:

  • Improved access to computational resources is tied to improved project success e.g. achieving budget and timeline goals
  • 83% use simulation throughout the product lifecycle when they have easy access to computational resources
  • 61% say that IT infrastructure struggles to keep pace with product complexity and requirements
  • 78% utilize cloud-based HPC with over 50% using it consistently for engineering and science workloads

Report Highlights

“Our Investments in digital R&D partners like Rescale ultimately helped us produce an aircraft that is 100x safer, 100x quieter & at a fifth of the cost from what was previously possible.” 

Madhu Bhabuta, CIO, Vertical Aerospace

“Technological complexity in our clients demands is growing so we need to have the computational capabilities to support them. Having access to HPC on-demand through Rescale was a game changer – on our largest jobs we see a 5-10x increase in speed of computing.

Zach Owens, Sr. Managing Engineer, Exponent

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