White Paper: How AI and the Cloud are Transforming Computational Engineering in Manufacturing and Consumer Packaged Goods

Accelerate innovation in product design and engineering with AI/ML and high performance computing

Download the white paper to learn about the ways that AI and machine learning (ML) in the cloud are transforming engineering possibilities and accelerating innovation for manufacturing and consumer packaged goods companies. Topics include:

  • What computational engineering is and how it increases the scale and complexity of product designs that engineers are able to invent 
  • The role AI plays in computational computing 
  • The use cases AI enables for manufacturing organizations
  • How Rescale on Microsoft Azure, featuring NVIDIA Modulus, delivers a turn-key platform to access HPC tools in the cloud, enabling organizations to accelerate innovation

See What’s Inside

Discover the Promises of AI/ML & HPC

Manufacturing organizations face increasing pressure to deliver innovative, state-of-the-art products at record speed. Keeping up with these demands can often be time-intensive and sometimes costly, especially for organizations relying primarily on legacy and on-premises systems.

Cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) and high performance computing (HPC) solutions are making it possible to accelerate agility and create groundbreaking innovations—at a speed and scale never before feasible.

Read the white paper to learn how teams like yours are unlocking these latest tools for HPC in the cloud.