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Rescale is a cloud-based platform for computational engineering and R&D. On average, our customers run 10x faster simulations with no resource queueing – which empowers them to design high-fidelity prototypes and unlimited iterations at once – and accelerate their time-to-solve and time-to-market.

Rescale can empower your engineering team to innovate by using simulation at a cloud scale to turbocharge your Digital Twin, MDO, and CAE projects

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Discover how to run advanced simulations 10x faster in the cloud using AI-enabled science and engineering. 

Visit Rescale in the exhibition hall from May 16-18th for a chance to win daily prizes, including an Oculus VR set.

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Rescale’s High Performance Computing (HPC) Built for the Cloud delivers solutions for the toughest problems facing scientists, researchers, and engineers.

Kyle Cook
Customer Success Engineer
Doug Fierro 
Director Product Management
Nikhil Venkat
Customer Success Engineer
Ian Scott
Enterprise Account Executive
Matt Neirman
Partner Development Lead
Jeffery Zhou
Director of Product Management

Democratizing Computational Engineering and AI-Accelerated R&D in the Cloud

Tuesday, May 16th | 11:40 am – 1:00 pm

Session Overview

Modern R&D and engineering increasingly rely on HPC and AI in the cloud to deploy broad portfolios of new software and hardware, bringing all new opportunities and challenges to maximizing compute-driven innovation. 

In this session, we will share insights about HPC application trends, technological advancements from GPU-accelerated CAE to workload-aware performance optimization and best practices in computational engineering and science in the cloud. Hear real-world stories about how our customers are digitally transforming their R&D capabilities and new product development.

We will also show how Rescale can help organizations take advantage of cloud HPC to accelerate innovation and bring greater efficiencies to their R&D programs.

From aerospace and defense to automotive and energy industries, Rescale’s full-stack computing platform empowers anyone to launch any compute-intensive application, at any scale, on demand, leveraging the latest computing architectures. Rescale helps organizations accelerate progress toward their digital transformation goals with policy-driven automations for enhanced productivity, collaboration, and security. 

Speaker: Doug Fierro, Director of Product Management

You will learn

  • Accelerate CAE workloads with greater hardware performance and cost-efficiency through software optimization
  • Easily self-publish custom in-house, or open-source HPC applications on any preferred cloud 
  • Automate benchmarking and optimization to find the best-fit architectural configuration for each workload

Who should attend

  • Engineers and scientists who perform compute-intensive analyses in fluid dynamics, electromagnetics, thermodynamics, computational chemistry, and more…
  • HPC/IT managers who oversee computing stacks including infrastructure, application, security, and financial management
  • Technology leaders who make decisions on the infrastructure configurations to support R&D teams

Your Partner in Digital Engineering

Learn how Exponent, Sensatek, and Liberty University are using Rescale to accelerate innovation with computational science and engineering.

Reimagine the Possibilities of AI-Enabled Science and Engineering

Rapid Vaccine Development & Drug Discovery

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Accelerated Genome Analysis and Personalized Medicine

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Space Exploration & Supersonic Travel

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Digital Twin &
Surrogate Modeling

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AI-informed Manufacturing Process Optimization

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Autonomous, Electrified, and Connected Vehicles

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Any Software

Always Up-to-date

Accessible from Anywhere

  • Latest & prior versions of 1000+ software from over 60 ISVs
  • Pre-installed software and optimized for the cloud
  • Easy to migrate or extend workflows to the cloud
  • Predictive analytics, Machine learning tool sets for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Electromagnetics (EM)

Intuitive, Time-saving User Interface

Rescale automates cloud HPC complexity, making job submission as easy as a few clicks

Fast results with no queuing

  • Latest simulation technology, 10x less computation times
  • Instant start with guaranteed job completion
  • Higher yield on the first design pass
  • Fast and intuitive job setup
  • Higher quality results through AI-assisted engineering and datasets

Flexibility and Performance

  • Variety of methods to submit and manage jobs; 
  • Fully customizable with end-user scripting; 
  • Simple to upload input files and download output files
  • Built-in Batch jobs and Designs of Experiments (DOE) with parameter live tailing and monitoring 
  • Multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO)
  • Responsive cloud desktops for GUI-based post-processing

Scalability and Speed

  • Vast scalability for the largest problems
  • Spin up HPC clusters immediately
  • Ad-hoc experiments and on-the-fly adjustments
  • Maximize design workflow efficiency

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Rescale empowers organizations to achieve science and engineering breakthroughs by eliminating complexity. From supersonic jets to personalized medicine, industry leaders accelerate new product innovations with unprecedented speed and efficiency with the Rescale Platform - a solution for intelligent full-stack automation for big compute and R& collaboration on hybrid cloud. Rescale enables IT leaders to deliver high performance computing as a service, with software automation on a hybrid cloud control plane with security, architecture, and financial controls. Learn how you can modernize high performance computing at

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