PRESS RELEASE: Big Compute 20 Conference Unveils Sponsors and Inaugural Speaker Lineup

Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Intel and Rescale to sponsor thought leadership conference about the potential of unlimited compute power

SAN FRANCISCO, February 3, 2020 — The Big Compute Conference announced sponsors and speakers for its inaugural event, held February 11-12, 2020 at the SFJazz Center in San Francisco, CA. The two-day conference will feature business leaders and scientists describing how they are transforming their industries with access to unlimited cloud compute.  

Platinum Sponsors include AWS, Intel, and Rescale; Gold Sponsors include Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud; and Silver Sponsors include ANSYS, Convergent Science, and Siemens. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI and Chairman of Y Combinator, will present the keynote address for the conference.

Big Compute 20 brings together thought leaders in aerospace, automotive, AI, biotech, medical, academic, technology, and chemical industries. In addition to inspiring talks, the event will feature workshops, networking, panels and a hackathon sprint, all focused on the freedom to think big.  

Featured speakers include:


  • Sam Altman – OpenAI, CEO and Y Combinator, Chairman

Platinum Sponsors:

  • Joris Poort – Rescale, CEO and Co-founder 
  • Barry Bolding – Amazon Web Services, Global Head of HPC 
  • Bill Magro – Intel, Fellow & Chief Technologist, HPC 

Gold Sponsors:

  • Nidhi Chappel – Microsoft Azure, Head of Product and Tim Carroll – Director 
  • Jamie Kinney –  Google Cloud, Solutions

Silver Sponsors:

  • Walt Hearn – ANSYS, VP
  • Kelly Senecal – Convergent Science, CEO and Co-founder 
  • Patrick Farrell – Siemens, Marketing

Industry Analysts:

  • Addison Snell – Intersect 360 Research, CEO
  • Earl Joseph – Hyperion Research, CEO

Industry Innovators:

  • Mark Oldakowski – Bionano Genomics, COO
  • Blake Scholl – Boom Supersonic, Founder and CEO
  • Julien Desmettre – Veolia, Head of Cloud & Data 

“Big Compute 20 is the first conference to focus on one of the most revolutionary accelerators of our time: how infinitely scalable compute changes scientific and technical computing,” said Shawn Hansen, COO of Rescale. “The advent of true Big Compute fundamentally changes how the world’s thought leaders accelerate product innovation.”

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About Big Compute: 

Big Compute is an annual thought-leadership conference featuring inspiring speakers, workshops, panels, and networking, all focused on the freedom to think big in an era of limitless compute.  Hosted by leading companies in the tech, science, and engineering industries, Big Compute fosters a vibrant community of innovators sharing new methods for solving challenging problems across aerospace, automotive, AI, biotech, medical, academic, technology, and chemical industries.  For more information, visit