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The simulation market is at a tipping point. Enterprises are going through a digital transformation and the simulation market is shifting to the cloud. Gartner predicts that by 2020, 75% of organizations will have deployed a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud model. This applies to the simulation market as well and Rescale can support organizations with their cloud journey.
As part of enabling this digital transformation, we partner with experienced vendors who share the same enthusiasm in advanced ways of enabling joint user bases with an easy way to access or manage Finite Element Method (FEM) or Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) tools in the Cloud. Today Rescale, Inc. and CADFEM, GmbH., an ANSYS Elite Channel partner, with a proven track record for supplying a wide range of tools critical for success in simulation, announce a partnership to allow customers to leverage eCADFEM licenses through Rescale’s ScaleX Platform.
More than 15 years ago, CADFEM invested in creating a cutting-edge way, to offer on-demand ANSYS licenses through a proprietary public license server called eCADFEM in the German-speaking region (DACH). The eCADFEM License Server uses a local client installation on your computer. Customers could work locally and stay within their own user environment or could use eCADFEM licenses in an on-demand fashion in the cloud.
Fast forward to 2018, eCADFEM customers in DACH can now connect to Rescale’s big computing platform. With an increasing need for more capacity to power simulation workloads, eCADFEM on Rescale has the potential to remove the constraints in the simulation.

With three simple steps shown in the picture below users, can set up a cloud HPC workload and connect to their eCADFEM licenses in just a few minutes!

Rescale_ANSYS Fluent Image
  • Step 1: License (ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILE):
  • Step 2: ANSYS License Interconnect (ANSYSLI_SERVERS):
  • Step 3: Project Code (LM_PROJECT): LM_[INSERT CADFEM Project Code]

At Rescale we continue to push the limits of creating the ultimate Big Compute experience for our clients. We will continue to align closely with partners such as CADFEM to provide an end-to-end solution that enables a seamless transition of workloads from on-premises to cloud.

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For access to eCADFEM on Rescale sign up for free today.


Founded in 1985, CADFEM is one of the pioneers of numerical simulation based on the Finite Element Method (FEM). CADFEM is one of the largest European suppliers of Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE). We work closely with ANSYS, Inc., a worldwide leading provider of CAE-software. CADFEM is the ANSYS Elite Channel Partner in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
Through CADFEM International, our Products, Services, and Know-how are also provided by local CADFEM companies worldwide: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Great Britain, Ireland, Russia, India, China, the United States, and North Africa. This helps us support our global customers with local companies and expertise.

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