PRESS RELEASE: Rescale Named #39 On Y Combinator’s 2019 List of Top 101 Companies

San Francisco, CA – Oct. 2, 2019Rescale, the leader in high performance computing (HPC) in the cloud, was recently named #39 to Y Combinator’s 2019 list of top 101 companies.  This marks Rescale’s move up the prestigious list from last year’s position of #53, and reaffirms their position as a power player among startups. 

“We’re honored to be recognized by Y Combinator on their Top Companies list for the second year in a row alongside some of the most transformational and disruptive startups in the world,” said Joris Poort, Founder and CEO of Rescale.  

Founded in 2011 and backed by investors like Jeff Bezos, Richard Brandson, and Peter Thiel, Rescale is a pioneer in HPC in the cloud, continuously working to push technology from outdated, fixed IT infrastructures to on-demand and cost-effective cloud computing environments.  Rescale allows customers to instantly scale workloads up or down as needed, leading to better research, faster results, and efficient spending.  

“Our team is relentless in helping our customers accelerate innovation through software-defined computing capabilities,” said Poort, “including breakthrough technologies in aerospace and automotive while accelerating development of next generation semiconductors and breakthrough computational drug discovery capability in life sciences.”

Listed and ranked by valuation, Rescale joins other Y Combinator alumni like AirBNB, Stripe, and Dropbox on the Top Companies list.  Combined, the 101 companies listed are valued at over $155 billion, with all 101 of them valued at more than $150 million.  

Y Combinator is the largest startup accelerator in the world, investing in a large number of startups every year, and then working with those companies to get them into the best shape possible to pitch to investors.  Rescale completed the program in 2012.

The Top Companies list selects from the more than 2,000 companies they’ve worked with since 2005.  This year marks the second time Y Combinator has published the Top Companies list, with plans to publish every October.

About Rescale: 

Rescale is the leader in enterprise big compute in the cloud. Rescale empowers the world’s transformative executives, IT leaders, engineers, and scientists to securely manage product innovation to be first to market. Rescale’s ScaleX® multi-cloud platform, built on the most powerful high-performance computing infrastructure, seamlessly matches software applications with the best architecture in the cloud or on-premise to run complex data processing and simulations. Rescale partners with the four largest cloud service providers, has over 125 Global 2000 enterprise customers including four of the top five largest global automotive manufacturers and two of the top three largest global aerospace and defense companies. 

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