Rescale at AWS re:Invent with Intel and Richard Childress Racing

Amazon Web Services (AWS) holds the world’s largest cloud computing conference every year in Las Vegas, AWS re:Invent. For the 2017 event, the week of November 27th, Rescale exhibited as part of the Intel booth and presented with key partners and customers on high performance computing (HPC) in the cloud, showing how our turnkey platform connects demanding application workloads to Intel processors on the AWS public cloud.

Rescale and Intel team up at AWS re:invent 2017
AWS re:Invent is a high-energy conference with a great deal of excitement around the possibilities of cloud computing. Many HPC-related product announcements were issued and there were a palpable excitement and momentum behind cloud HPC. It was an action-packed week for the Rescale team, who were busy meeting with current and prospective customers and partners as well as sponsoring a successful happy hour networking event.
AWS sees HPC as a major growth driver for core usage in its data centers with many applications able to leverage its large and elastic resources, often employing thousands of cores via MPI or design of experiments (DOE) parameter exploration. Applications such as engineering simulation, drug discovery, machine learning, financial services and seismic simulation for oil and gas exploration are all very well-suited to cloud scaling.

HPC will become an increasingly important topic for re:Invent over the coming years, but applications require a significant compute stack to fully leverage the latest Intel hardware and run seamlessly on AWS. The Rescale platform manages this stack so that all the end user has to do is select the software, select the hardware, and hit go. Post-processing can even be done in the cloud to minimize data transfer costs.

At AWS re:Invent 2017, Intel, Rescale and Richard Childress Racing (RCR), a Rescale customer, presented a session on “How to Get HPC Best-in-Class Performance via Intel Xeon Skylake Processors and AWS C5 Instances with Ease of Deployment Through Rescale.” The session comprised three parts:

    • “Intel: Powering HPC in the Cloud”, Bill Magro, Chief Technologist HPC, Intel
    • “Winning with HPC in the Cloud”, Seth Morris, Aerodynamicist, Richard Childress Racing
  • “Rescale: Delivering HPC in the Cloud”, Matt McKee, Director, Rescale

You can watch the complete presentation here:

See the slides here.

Bill and Matt were also interviewed by GeekWire. You can watch that video here: